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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Meera Ji, in Her ‘Colorful English’ Narrates to You Her Trip to New York

Recently, Lollywood actress Meera flooded her Instagram account with the pictures from her USA tour. From walking in the streets of the USA to meeting up old friends, Meera took the followers through her exciting US trip.

Meera Ji seems to be pacing up her social media presence to stand come at par with other Pakistani celebrities.

She first uploaded her picture from Dubai International Airport where she stayed as the transit passenger before heading off to the USA.



The actress then shared her picture from the aircraft, showing the actress enjoying the comforts of the first class.

Then, Meera shared a couple of her pictures at Times Square NYC, with an interesting caption telling her naysayers that she is irreplaceable. “Time squares NYC Love and hate relationship love me or hate me but no can replace me,” read the caption of the picture.

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Not only images, but Meera also posted a small video from the same location, Times Square NYC. It was, however, the captions of the clicks that piqued the interest of the followers. Again, Meera reminded her critics of her undying legacy in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

“Morning walk, hate me or love me but no can replace me I believe in entertainment” Meera captioned her video. Later on, she added the pictures of her meeting with old friends in NYC. She could be seen enjoying the food at the New York Hilton Midtown hotel.


The actress then shared a picture of her from the hotel room in Manhattan. Actress asserted that she is mesmerized with the ‘great energy‘ she experienced in Manhattan. She even called herself an ‘evergreen actress’ in another caption.



Meera shared the picture of her mother as well, who seem to be accompanying her on the trip. In the captions of the picture showing her boarding a train, she informed that she is in America for the shooting of her next film. The actress also shared the picture with the team of her recent movie ‘Baaji’.