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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Meghan Markle’s friend Priyanka Chopra turns a blind eye towards the royals

Priyanka Chopra who is a close friend of Meghan Markle chose not to clap for the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge at the Wimbledon Women’s final as they arrived to take their seats.

According to various reports, Priyanka Chopra intentionally snubbed Kate Middleton and Prince William at the Wimbledon Finals. As the royals arrived, the whole crowd cheered for them, however, Priyanka Chopra chose not to clap.

Instead, Chopra was seen adjusting her scarf, apparently avoiding eye contact with William and Middleton while they mingled with other VIP guests.

Later on, the actress again seemed to look away from the royals when she crossed paths with them on the Center Court balcony.

Choosing loyalty over royalty?

Priyanka is considered a close friend of Markle’s and had also attended her royal wedding to Prince Harry.

Several royal watchers suggest that Priyanka’s reaction to the royals is an alleged snub and think that this is her way of responding to the royals after Meghan and Harry alleged that they were subjected to racism and mistreatment during their time as senior members of the royal family.

Markle’s allegations were made during her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. In the interview, the Duchess told Winfrey that her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, had made her cry in the days leading up to her royal wedding. This has led to tense relations between the Royal family and Mehgan and Harry.

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This is not the first time Priyanka has stood up for her friend. In 2017, when the 38-year-old actress had appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, she was asked about her friendship with the former Suits star, Priyanka had corrected Williams after she referred to the Duchess of Sussex as “Prince Harry’s girlfriend”.

Priyanka had said that Meghan was more than being Prince Harry’s girlfriend. “Also Meghan Markle, actress, Suits, her achievements just saying,” Chopra said at the time.

Priyanka’s action divides the internet

Priyanka’s action of ignoring the British royals at Wimbledon divides the internet into different opinions. While some accused Chopra of being rude and ill-mannered, others applauded her for standing up for her dear friend, Markle, whom she met at a television dinner in 2016.