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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Melania Trump delighted to host PM Khan at the White House

From the heart-warming welcome by Pakistani expats to the optimistic media interaction with President Trump, powerful visuals suggest a successful trip for PM Khan to the USA.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, on his maiden three-day trip to the USA, reached the White House on Monday to meet American President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

After a warm welcome from the American President, Melania Trump also expressed her delight of hosting Pakistan’s premier at the White House.

Elated Melania Trump stated, “Great to have Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI of Pakistan at the @WhiteHouse today!” in her tweet.

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The first lady also tweeted pictures of them with Prime Minister Imran Khan, receiving 71k likes and re-tweeted 19k times on Twitter. Thousands of people from Pakistan cheered the First Lady of USA for being a graceful host to their Premier.

Interestingly, some netizens stated that PM Khan has also met President Trump’s first wife as well. They shared Imran Khan’s picture with President Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump, dating back to the ’90s, on Twitter.

A few netizens, taking banter on social media, stated PM Khan’s second wife Reham Khan and PML-N’s chairperson, Maryam Nawaz, both his staunch critics, would not be happy with these visuals.

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PM Khan ticks all the boxes of a popular leader on his trip to the USA

The dignified PM Khan reached the White House, donning his traditional attire, a navy blue Kurta Shalwar paired with black Peshawari chappal. PM Khan collected appreciation on social media for gracefully representing his culture on a foreign trip.

The observers on social media also commended Kaptaan Khan’s self-assertive poise and confident body language as he carried on his maiden trip to the USA, which helped him bravely put forth Pakistan’s narrative ahead of the USA and its media.

During the meeting, President Trump, with high praises for Imran Khan, stated that it is a great honor to have a “very popular, a great athlete, one of the greatest, the prime minister of Pakistan.”

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Emphasizing upon his leadership Trump also stated; “A lot of great things are going to be happening for Pakistan too, under your leadership. I really feel that.”

President Trump also presented a cricket bat to Prime Minister Imran Khan along with a picture of President Eisenhower – the only US President who had watched a Test match in Pakistan.