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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Messi to Play in the Most Expensive Major League Soccer Game Ever

The ticket prices for this Sunday's Inter Miami vs. Los Angeles FC match are the highest ever recorded for a Major League Soccer game.

As soccer sensation Lionel Messi continues to capture the imagination of fans worldwide, ticket prices for his upcoming match in Major League Soccer (MLS) have reached unprecedented heights. According to TickPick, an online marketplace, this Sunday’s clash between Inter Miami and Los Angeles FC is set to become the most expensive MLS game ever.

Messi Effect

Average ticket prices for the Inter Miami vs. Los Angeles FC showdown now stand at approximately $690, marking a staggering 527% increase compared to the average MLS ticket, which previously cost $110 before Messi’s MLS arrival. Just days before the highly anticipated match, the cheapest available ticket to witness Messi in action will set fans back a hefty $785. In stark contrast, ticket prices for the subsequent LAFC game, without Messi, plummet to just $151 for a seat, as per TickPick.

Potential for Further Increases

While the current ticket prices might seem astronomical, TickPick’s co-CEO, Brett Goldberg, suggests that they could be the ceiling. He anticipates that the market is likely to stabilize at these levels, but there remains potential for further upward shifts due to the heightened demand. Goldberg emphasizes that LAFC is one of the most popular MLS teams, consistently driving high demand. In this case, the presence of one of the world’s biggest athletes in town has further fueled the fervor.

Messi’s Impact

The phenomenon of “Messi mania” extends well beyond the soccer field. Apple has reported a surge in subscriptions to its soccer streaming package since Messi’s arrival in July. Meanwhile, Adidas is grappling with an “unprecedented” demand for Messi’s jerseys, resulting in a backlog of orders extending until October.

Retailer Soccer.com has disclosed that the top eight best-selling jerseys on its website are all Messi-related, including his Argentina kit and the Inter Miami shirt. Notably, the Florida-based team’s jersey has become the highest-selling MLS club kit across all US states except Vermont, a significant shift from its previous regional dominance.

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Lionel Messi’s presence in MLS has undeniably transformed the soccer landscape in the United States. As ticket prices soar to record-breaking levels for his upcoming match against Los Angeles FC, it is evident that “Messi mania” is a force to be reckoned with. Beyond the ticket gates, his influence is felt in surging streaming subscriptions, unprecedented jersey demand, and the reshuffling of regional kit sales. The Messi effect is rewriting the playbook for soccer in America, captivating fans and reshaping the business of the beautiful game.