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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Meta briefs Pakistani journalists about data privacy

Arianne Jimenez, the Privacy Policy Manager at Meta in the Asia Pacific briefed the journalists on the social media company’s policies regarding the protection of user data.

At a hotel in Islamabad, Meta—the company that owns Facebook and Instagram—organized a briefing for Pakistani journalists on its privacy policies.

The journalists were informed by Arianne Jimenez, Privacy Policy Manager at Meta in the Asia Pacific, regarding the social media company’s procedures to safeguard user data and confidential information on its platforms.

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The session was conducted to discuss some important issues

According to a spokesperson for Meta, maintaining the privacy of users’ information is essential to Meta’s goal of being a communications platform that prioritizes privacy.

According to her, privacy was essential to how Meta conducted business and was everyone’s duty at the social media company. She continued by saying that Meta was dedicated to providing individuals more control over their privacy preferences, which is why it had created tools to increase transparency and allow people more control over how their data was used.

Meta provides users with a variety of features and tools to help them manage their privacy. These tools include the Privacy Center, Manage Activity, Audience Selector Tool, Privacy Checkup, Privacy Shortcuts, and Who can look me up?

In addition to assisting users in deciding who can view their content and adjusting how Facebook users can find them, these features make privacy, security, and ad control options more available to users.

For Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, the privacy center is the learning resource that offers practical, in-depth knowledge on privacy.

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To ensure that tailored advertising and privacy are not at odds, Meta aims to assist individuals in understanding its data practices by providing them with greater information and controls over its goods and advertisements.

By adding or erasing preferences that have been created for them based on their Facebook profile information, activities, and use of other websites and apps, Meta offers Ad Choices to help users take control of their preferences.