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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Mia Khalifa jumps on ‘I can sacrifice my life for Pakistan’ bandwagon

Mia Khalifa says she can sacrifice her life for Pakistan on social media in a viral video released on her TikTok account.

Former Lebanese adult movie star Mia Khalifa said she can sacrifice her life on for Pakistan in a viral video released on her TikTok account yesterday. Khalifa is seen saying ‘I can sacrifice my life for Pakistan’ in the video.

The video of Khalifa soon went viral on social media with her Pakistani and international fans pouring in hilarious reactions on her video. The video was even used by Pakistani fans to mock Indians as well. The video of the adult star is the imitation of the viral video of a Pakistani student expressing her love for the country.

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Last month, a video from the event of a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia went viral on social media. The children were seen expressing the love for their country when a student came up on the stage and loudly said in the mic that she can sacrifice her life for Pakistan.

The video got an immense reaction on social media. It even turned into a TikTok video as well. Khalifa rose to global fame after appearing in adult videos in 2014 and 2015. After quitting the adult industry, she has joined TikTok.

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“I’ve never really enjoyed social media,” said Khalifa in an interview with Mashable. Before TikTok, she made a point to treat social media like her job and only followed friends and what she was interested in — and muted everyone else. Up until this week, she had her Instagram comments turned off.

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“It was awful,” she said of the Instagram hate. “It affected me, even if I put a brave face forward to the public.” She said internet vitriol affected her relationship with her husband as well. She believes TikTok is not that filled with hatred.

“As soon as I joined TikTok I found this whole new world where I can read the comments, and not feel like I should have them turned off,” said Khalifa, “and want to engage with the people commenting… they feel like my friends.”