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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mia Khalifa supports Bella Hadid for losing contract over pro-Palestine protest

Bella Hadid was spotted in several pro-Palestine protests. She even shared posts calling for the freedom of Palestine in her several social media post.

Former adult star Mia Khalifa came out in support of supermodel Bella Hadid after reports of her losing contract with luxury fashion brand, Dior following her pro-Palestine protests.

Mia Khalifa took to Twitter and condemned Dior for canceling the contract with Bella Hadid. “If Bella Hadid lost a Dior contract for supporting Palestine and standing against apartheid, then Dior can go burn in Marshall’s,” she tweeted.

Bella Hadid was spotted in pro-Palestine protests. She even shared posts calling for the freedom of Palestine in her several social media post. Soon she was called out by the Twitter handle of Israel’s state for promoting Anti-Semitism.


Since then, Bella Hadid toned down her stance and posted neutral posts calling for ‘equality, coexistence, and peace in her Instagram story.

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A sudden change of stance was noticed by her followers as she deleted her pro-Palestine tweets. Several social media users had condemned her short-lived activism and others slammed her for manipulating her stance in the fear of losing her contracts.

“A short story by Bella Hadid,” shared a user with Israel’s tweet against her, and a screenshot of her ‘coexistence’ stance.

“Well, Bella Hadid’s activism lasted a hot minute,” quipped another. A group of her fans believes that she was threatened to take down her tweets since she had countered a massive backlash from the pro-Israeli group on social media.



Another celebrity Paris Halton had also deleted her tweet in which expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine. She had shared an article from The Guardian and then shared a video of a 10-year-old girl from Gaza crying for help and ceasefire after being hit by the missile.

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Meanwhile, Bella Hadid may have fliped her stance on the Palestinian-Israel crisis. Mia Khalifa has been unabatedly condemning Israel for its aggression against the people of Gaza and Palestine.