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Friday, May 17, 2024

Mia Khalifa wants to badly stay connected with Pakistani fans

A score of Mia Khalifa's Pakistani social media users appreciated her for continuing to connect with them on Twitter, while others posted hilarious comments under her tweet.

Former adult star, Mia Khalifa, on Sunday has decided to connect with her Pakistani fans through Twitter following the blockade of her TikTok account in Pakistan.

She took to her Twitter account and informed that she will post all her TikTok videos of her Twitter fans on her Twitter account.

“Shoutout to Pakistan for banning my TikTok account from the country. I’ll be re-posting all my TikTok on Twitter from now on for my Pakistani fans who want to circumvent fascism,” wrote Mia Khalifa on her Twitter account.

A score of her Pakistani social media users appreciated her for continuing to connect with them on Twitter, others posted hilarious comments under her tweet. They also lauded her for being vocal against the Israeli aggression in Palestine and Gaza.


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She gained immense attention on social media for her onslaught on Israel last week for the killing of Palestinians in Gaza through reckless bombings and airstrikes. Earlier this month, Mia Khalifa named and shamed Israel for brutalities in Palestine in multiple tweets. The conflict has worsened over the past few days as disturbing images of injured Palestinians by Israeli bombing have been circulating on social media.


The heart-wrenching footages have triggered an international outcry with condemnation pouring in for Israeli forces for attacking the Muslim worshippers in Masjid Al Aqsa in the last week of Ramadan. The videos of Israeli forces barging into the Masjid Al-Aqsa and opening an indiscriminate attack on worshippers left hundreds of Palestinians injured over the weekend.

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She also came out in support of supermodel Bella Hadid after reports of her losing contract with luxury fashion brand, Dior following her pro-Palestine protests.

Mia Khalifa took to Twitter and condemned Dior for canceling the contract with Bella Hadid. “If Bella Hadid lost a Dior contract for supporting Palestine and standing against apartheid, then Dior can go burn in Marshall’s,” she tweeted.