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Friday, May 24, 2024

Mika Singh pleads to withdraw ban imposed post his performance in Karachi

Mika Singh, a vibrant Indian singer landed in hot water after he was spotted performing in a wedding ceremony in Pakistan amid Kashmir tensions. While both the countries have reached a tipping point following India's revocation of the special status of Kashmir, celebrities of both sides are under immense pressure to passionately express their loyalty to their soil.

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Indian singer Mika Singh, who came under fire for performing in Pakistan amid Kashmir tensions, has requested the Federation of All Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) to reconsider its decision of imposing a ban on him. He asked the association to refrain from taking strict action against him. Besides FWICE, All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) placed a lifelong ban on him.

Lifelong ban on Mika Singh

The lifelong ban implies that Mika Singh is barred from playback singing, live performances, and concerts in India. Mika Singh will not be able to sign any movie or film contracts.

In response the singer issued a letter to the organizations to let him present his view before pursuing the ban, he will meet the associations on Tuesday.

Mika Singh shared a video featuring BN Tiwari, the president FWICE on his Twitter account, stating that he has been called upon by the organization to defend his case following his letter to the organization.

Tiwari says in the video, “Mika has said in the letter that he is willing to agree to all things the confederation decides.” Tiwari adds, “In his letter, Mika says that ‘If I have done something wrong, I am ready to apologize to the nation, but until you hear me out please don’t impose any kind of ban on me.”

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Tiwari assured the association would not pursue the matter legally until the meeting has been convened between Singh and the organization.

Mika Singh shared the video, reiterated that he will continue to serve his country despite all odds, in his Twitter message. Adding that, “I would like to sincerely thank Mr. BN Tiwari and #FWICE for being so understanding towards me and my sentiments. JaiHind 🙏🏻.. #Supportindiansingers #Banpaksitanisingers …(sic).”

Uproar in India

Mika Singh performance in the wedding function of a relative of Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf caused an uproar on India’s social media. Scores of Twitter users berated Singh for compromising nationalistic values for monetary gains. The singer was disparaged on social media for performing in Pakistan amid simmering tensions between India and Pakistan following India’s dissolution of the special status of Jammu Kashmir.

The singer was accused of disloyalty towards India. Mika Singh was sanctioned with a lifelong ban on performing in India’s entertainment industry. Certain reports allege that Mika charged around USD 150,000 (Rs 1.06 crore) for the performance.

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The ban was promulgated even before Mika Singh returned to India. AICWA urged all the movie production houses, music production houses, and online content providers to boycott Mika Singh.

The notification issued read, “AICWA will make sure that no one in India works with Mika Singh and if anyone does, they will face legal consequences in the court of law.” Adding that, “When the tension between the countries is at the peak, Mika Singh puts money above the nation’s pride,” the film association continued.



Visit to Pakistan

He arrived in Pakistan with his 14-team members for a private function hosted by Adnan Asad, nephew of former President of Pakistan General Musharraf. He claims that the wedding performance coincided with India’s abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A. Videos of Mika Singh performing at a wedding ceremony are circulating on social media.

He came to Pakistan in the second week of August and met several government officials during his visit. It is pertinent to mention that the Indian singer Mika Singh and his team were granted visas on 29th July 2019, just a few days before India revoked Kashmir’s special status.

He visited Baba Guru Nanak’s Gurudwara in Nankana Sahib for religious rituals. He had arrived in Pakistan on a three-day visit and held a meeting with Pakistani Sikh brothers while attended a lunch arranged at Kartarpur. The singer left for India through Wagah Border on Friday. Several unconfirmed reports asserted that Mika Singh even performed at Kartarpur.