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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Miracle as Nawaz Sharif gets Covid jab in Lahore

As per the fake entry, Nawaz Sharif, who is currently in London, got his first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine Sinovac at 4:03 pm Wednesday. While the news may seem downright preposterous, it highlights an important problem within the system.

Earlier today, news began circulating of former PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif receiving a Covid jab in Lahore. The news puzzled everyone as Nawaz Sharif is currently in London.

Upon investigation, it turned out that a hospital made a fake Covid vaccination entry under Nawaz Sharif’s CNIC in the National Immunization Management System (NIMS).

As per the fake entry, Nawaz Sharif got his first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine Sinovac at 4:03 pm Wednesday Kot Khawaja Saeed Hospital. The fake entry also stated that the PML-N leader is due for the second shot in October.

Punjab’s Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department took notice of the incident. It wrote a letter to the Federal Investigation Agency and asked it to investigate the matter and take necessary action against the culprits.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has also sought a report from the health department concerning the matter, within the next 48 hours. The chief minister also directed relevant authorities to take legal action against the officials found guilty.

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Maryam Nawaz worried about the vaccine registration system

During a press conference, Maryam Nawaz expressed surprise at the “fake vaccination” of her father. She said, “this could draw an international reaction over the kind of system Pakistan has for vaccine administration and registration.”

“It only exposes the system and its vaccine registration mechanism. It worries me,” she further added.

The idea of fake entries in the vaccine registration system is indeed worrying. This can have a serious impact on Pakistan as it recently got off UK’s red list.

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The UK kept Pakistan on its red list for more than 5 months due to its worry over Pakistan’s covid situation. The decision by the UK caused an upset as Pakistan’s government worked hard to get off the list. However, the recent news of fake entries could once again jeopardize Pakistan’s position.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Nawaz Sharif has been linked with an incident of fake medical reports. The PTI government often accuses Nawaz Sharif of submitting fake medical reports.

Moreover, last month, SAPM Ali Nawaz claimed Pakistan was on UK’s red list because Nawaz Sharif submitted fake medical reports for visa extension.

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