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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Modified Mehran Pickup: Pakistan’s New Social Media Sensation

Social media is abuzz with images of a remolded Suzuki Mehran, which has been converted into a pickup used for transporting milk. The trademark of Pakistani transportation has gone through many homemade changes in Pakistan.

The Suzuki Mehran is the longest-running unmodified hatchback that dominated the markets of Pakistan with its utility and affordability for almost thirty years.

Even though the official version manufactured by Suzuki has not undergone any major alterations other than a few cosmetic upgrades, the market is brimming with unofficial versions of modifications performed by Mehran owners. From a Mehran powered with gull wings to a limousine Mehran, this best-selling car by Suzuki has witnessed the greatest number of consumer-made alterations and changes.

Mehran Pickup

Recently, social media has been abuzz with the pictures of a Mehran pickup, designed to convert the hatchback into a transportation vehicle.

Information circulating on social media reveals that the owner of the Mehran had converted the traditional hatchback design into a pickup used for transporting milk. A closer look at the pictures reveals that the owner converted the top half of the car into an open cargo bed.


It is interesting to note that the rear doors were left intact but since the entire upper portion has been welded alongside the rest of the body, the rear doors only serve the purpose of decoration. And to accommodate the added weight of the body, the car has been lifted, as seen from above the rear tires.

Suzuki Mighty Boy

The Suzuki Mighty Boy was released back in February 1938, and while it retained the design of the Suzuki Cervo SS40 with its wide B-pillars, the Mighty Boy featured a unique rear design. Equipped with a 600mm long small flatbed, the car offered ample utility, and a low-slung driving position, which made it a comfortable ride.

The Mighty Boy was a welcomed addition to the Japanese micro truck market, and its spacious cabin and reclining seats won hearts by providing a comparatively large luggage area behind the seats. The Might Boy was powered with a 543 CC, SOHC three-cylinder transversely mounted engine, but however, it was not equipped by a turbo.

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The first generation Mighty Boys model was powered with 10” wheels, a horizontally finned grille, and as compared to other models, it was equipped with cost-effective round sealed-beam headlights. As befitting of the most affordable vehicle in Japan, the car did not promise many of the features of Suzuki’s finer vehicles, but its spacious and luxurious seats certainly won the prize.

The Second generation model underwent minor cosmetic changes, including a redesigned front grille and mirrors. Suzuki upgraded the design with two variants, the PS-A and the PS-L and PS-QL. The Mighty Boy was discontinued towards the beginning of 1988, however, this vehicle can still be spotted on the roads and marketplaces of Pakistan.