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Friday, May 24, 2024

Mohammed Bin Salman’s Crown Crumbling as Al-Saud loses Confidence

The recent attack on the Saudi Aramco facilities has sparked fury among the Saudi royal family, raising suspicion on MBS leadership. But has it really affected his popularity among common Saudis? Will Al-Saud turn on Crown Prince?

The discontentment on the leadership of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman widens following the September 14th attack on Saudi Aramco facilities. The fear haunts the Saudi’s royal family if Crown Prince MBS is capable to protect Saudi Arabia from external aggression.

The members of the royal family have begun to turn on Crown Prince MBS, claim the diplomatic sources close to the Al-Saud family. According to these sources, Crown Prince MBS is confronting opposition from several branches of ruling Al-Saud family, the members of which numbers about 10,000.

They have expressed alarm and concerns over the future of Saudi Arabia, which is the world’s largest oil exporter, under MBS asserts five diplomatic sources having close ties to the royals and business elites.

The prominent members of the Al-Saud family resented that Crown Prince has too tightly gripped the power, calling his stance on Iran as overtly aggressive.

“There is a lot of resentment” about the crown prince’s leadership, said one of the sources, a member of the Saudi elite with royal connections. “How were they not able to detect the attack?”


The diplomatic sources claim many people in the elite circles have expressed ‘no confidence‘ on the leadership of Crown Prince.

Nonetheless, the Saudi sources close to the circles loyal to Crown Prince MBS says that his power and influence in the country will remain unaffected despite the attacks.

Adding that “The latest events won’t affect him personally as a potential ruler because he is trying to stop the Iranian expansion in the region. This is a patriotic issue, and so he won’t be in danger, at least as long as the father lives.”

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The common Saudis have shown great confidence in Crown Prince MBS as a staunch, dynamic, and decisive leader. The internal support for Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman remains unmoved despite his alleged involvement in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. His popularity has nosedived globally following the incident.

The common Saudis hail Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman the champion and pioneer of modernity in Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince MBS has to his credit for relaxing the tight grip of conservatism in Saudi Arabia, under ‘Vision 2030′. ‘Vision 2030′, an ambitious project to diversify the economy of Saudi Arabia, is the brainchild of Crown Prince MBS.

Lifting the ban from women to drive in Saudi Arabia, the return of cinemas in the country, the opening up of several entertainment avenues, making unthinkable alterations in the culture, and opening up the country to foreign tourists are all steps taken under ‘Vision 2030′.