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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Momina Mustehsan and Shireen Mazari’s dramatic spat on ‘Ko Ko Korina’

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Momina Mustehsan snapped at Federal Human Rights Minister Dr. Shireen Mazari for calling the Coke Studio’s rendition of Ko Ko Korina, ‘Horrendous’ in her tweet.

Momina Mustehsan who rose to fame from Coke Studio’s rendition of ‘Afreen Afreen’ was disgruntled by Dr. Shireen Mazari’s raw criticism on the song and Coke Studio. Unable to withstand the criticism, Mustehsan reminded the federal minister that she is no longer the representative of political party Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf but a federal minister, hence she must be mindful of her words and not promote cyber-bullying.

Dr. Shireen Mazari, however, did not hold back and said “I gave my personal opinion which I am entitled to. Especially on a non -political issue having to do with music. To each his/her own! And why bring the ministry into it?!”

Momina Mustehsan encountered massive backlash on social media. Soon netizens came forward to teach Momina Mustehsan the difference between ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘cyber-bullying’. They called out Momina Mustehsan for misinterpreting Dr. Shireen Mazari’s tweet and wrongly accusing her of ‘cyber-bullying.’

The Coke Studio singer, however, retorted to the criticism and said “Apologies for hurting your sentiments. It is your right to judge us and express your outrage, just like it was our right to exercise our freedom of expression. As our Minister for Human Rights, you should appreciate Coke Studio for allowing us to express ourselves, especially if it was horrendous.”

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“I respect that ma’am – I apologized and acknowledge that you had every right to judge and express outrage,” the Afreen singer stated. “I was only answering your question of why Coke Studio allowed it. And as someone holding office, I’d hope you’d appreciate.”

“As someone holding office, I’d expect you to be more responsible with how you express yourself on public platforms. We look up to you, ma’am, as citizens of this country,” added the singer.

Mazari, while responding to her tweet said “Are you serious? Liking or disliking a song has nothing to do with anyone or any politics! It’s a personal choice. I did not like the song. End of the story.”

Even Dr. Shireen Mazari’s daughter, Eman Mazari and film Analyst Mahwish Ejaz jumped in defense of the minister and said it was not cyber-bullying.

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To which Momina Mustehsan responded, “I never said it was cyber bullying. I said we are in a time when we’re trying to curb it, along with hate speech, and it’s adding fuel to the fire. Expressing outrage is one thing, questioning why it was allowed is another especially coming from the minister for human rights.”

Later Dr. Shireen Mazari shared a clip of another version of Ahmed Rushdi’s Ko Ko Korina by Nescafe Basement fame Leo Twins with a caption,” Loved this! And again it’s my personal choice! I have every right to like or dislike a piece of music!”