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Sunday, May 19, 2024

MQM-P considers quitting PDM govt?

It seems that the incumbent government is falling short of MQM-P's high expectations. The fact that missing MQM-P workers were found mutilated is being considered a major failure of the PML-N government by the MQM-P.

It seems that the PML-N may face a major blow in the coming days as one of its allies is considering quitting the coalition government.

Currently, MQM-P is enraged with the PML-N-led government after the mutilated bodies of its missing workers were found in different districts of Sindh during the last 24 hours. Moreover, many workers still remain missing.

The fact that missing MQM-P workers were found mutilated is being considered a major failure of PML-N government by the MQM-P.

According to details by senior journalist and political analyst Mazhar Abbas, MQM-P is under pressure from its workers who are demanding that the party quit the government. Apparently, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah’s assurances did not work either and party workers are allegedly demanding MQM-P quit the government.

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“MQM-P is under immense pressure from within to quit the government after bodies of three party workers missing for the last few years were found in the last few days. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has assured a probe but the party is not satisfied. Will they quit?” Mazhar Abbas revealed on Twitter.

In a shocking incident, a body of a man on the roadside in district Sanghar was found. Turned out that the man was a worker of MQM-P who was “arrested” from his home in PIB Colony six years ago. Later, the bodies of three more men, who had gone missing in Karachi years ago, were found in different parts of the province on Wednesday. Two of the three victims belonged to the MQM.

MQM-P expresses upset with government

Reacting to the development, MQM-P Senator and Federal Maritime Affairs Minister Faisal Subzwari held an emergency news conference where it expressed disappointment with the incumbent government.

“We joined the government to recover our missing persons but were given mutilated bodies of our missing workers,” he lamented and claimed that the workers whose bodies were found were first arrested, and later they went missing.

He blamed the federal and provincial governments for what he called atrocities against the MQM-P workers and leaders. Moreover, he said the MQM-P coordination committee would meet to decide the future course of action regarding the missing workers.

Pertinent to mention that ahead of the controversial no-confidence against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, MQM-P had ended its alliance with his party PTI and joined the then-Opposition of PML-N and PPP, despite assuring PTI of support.

However, it seems that the incumbent government fell short of MQM-P’s high expectations. In June, MQM-P threatened to leave the PDM government due to its indifference. This time around, the case of the dead MQM-P workers seems a bit personal.

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