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Friday, February 23, 2024

Mufti Saeed makes big claim on Imran Khan’s nikkah with Bushra Bibi

Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan said that according to Imran Khan, there was a prediction that if he married Bushra Bibi, he would become the prime minister.

Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan, who solemnized the third marriage of former prime minister Imran Khan, has claimed that according to the PTI chief, there was a prediction that if he married Bushra Bibi, he would become the prime minister.

According to the details, Mufti Saeed recorded his statement before the Islamabad District and Sessions Court in a case against the marriage of former Prime Minister Imran Khan with his third wife Bushra Bibi.

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Mufti Saeed claimed that Imran Khan contacted him over the phone on January 1, 2018, asking him to solemnize his marriage with Bushra Bibi. Imran Khan also took him to a house in DHA Lahore where a woman identifying herself as Bushra Bibi’s sister claimed that all the conditions of the Shariah for Bushra Bibi’s marriage were fulfilled.

On her assurances, Mufti Saeed solemnized the nikah on January 1, 2018. After marriage, Imran and Bushra Bibi started living together in Islamabad.

Furthermore, Mufti Saeed claimed that Imran Khan again contacted him in February 2018 and requested him to conduct another nikkah with Bushra on the pretext that the first time her iddat had not been completed as Bushra bibi was divorced in November 2017

As per Mufti Saeed, Imran Khan had claimed that marrying Bushra on January 1st, 2018 was important as there was a prediction that he would become the prime minister after marrying her.

Mufti Saeed revealed to the court that after talking to Imran Khan, he realized that the first nikkah was illegal.

“When I was contacted again for the marriage, I was convinced that both of them knowingly entered into an illegal marriage under the influence of prediction. My signatures are also on the marriage certificate,” Mufti Saeed said in his statement to the court.

Pertinent to mention that Imran Khan’s third marriage has been the subject of much controversy due to it not allegedly fulfilling the Islamic requirements of Bushra Bibi’s iddat period.

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