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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Muslims attacked while in ‘Namaz’ in UK

Islamophobia is increasingly resulting in attacks against Muslims. Only interfaith harmony can help ease the hatred.

Muslim worshippers on Friday suffered an Islamophobic attack outside an Islamic center in east London.

Worshippers and the mosque were pelted with eggs during the assault in the early morning hours outside the Ilford Islamic Centre. The attack occurred during the last 10 days of the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims remain at mosques from late night into the early morning.

“Today during Taraweeh prayers, our masjid was attacked by a few burly looking white men, shaven-headed, in a drive past egg attack. They were driving a silver estate car,” according to the mosque that said the attack was caught on CCTV and no one was seriously injured.

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“This was an Islamaphobic attack and highlights that there is still a hate element out there who will try their luck at any time so we urge everyone to remain vigilant, at all times,” it said as the Center urged fellow worshippers, especially women, to be vigilant and in the presence of friends and family.

Authorities, including London Metropolitan Police and the local council, have launched an investigation and are searching for perpetrators of the attack. No arrests have been made but police increased patrols in the area to prevent a similar attack.

Council leaders and politicians condemned the “truly appalling” and “disgraceful” attack and said such occurrences not only affect the Muslim community but society as a whole and sow the seeds of division and hatred at a time when the country needs unity.

“As I said earlier in the week, these sorts of disgraceful acts of violence and bigotry have no place in Ilford. I hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice. Solidarity with @ilfordmosque at this difficult time,” said Sam Tarry on Twitter. He is MP for Ilford, where the Islamic Centre is located.

Metropolitan Police released a statement reassuring worshippers of the “strong sense of community spirit” among the community and making clear that hate crimes will not be tolerated.

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“This attack on worshippers at the Albert Road mosque is truly appalling and impacts on not only those who were present at the time, but our whole community. The council and police are working together to investigate this crime and support residents in the area. We will be closely monitoring the situation,” it said.

Anadolu with additional input by GVS News Desk