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Thursday, February 15, 2024

My father did not travel on Student visa: Murad Saeed furious

Murad Saeed lashed out at critics disdaining him and father Saeedullah after media reports surfaced last night, claiming that the minister's father was detained in Australia due to fake documents and traveling on a student visa.

Reportedly, the father of Murad Saeed, the Federal Communication Minister was arrested in Melbourne, Australia on spurious travel documents. Last night the reports hit Pakistan’s media claiming that a man named Saeedullah traveled to Australia on a student visa.

He was taken into custody after he failed to satisfy immigration officials. The reports further claimed that Murad’s father was shifted to an immigration detention center after taken into custody. Neither Pakistani authorities nor Murad Saeed has explained the news.

Meanwhile, Murad Saeed and father Saeedullah were mocked on social media soon after the incident was reported, social media users questioned the need for Murad Saeed’s father to travel to Australia on a student visa in the first place.

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The Twitter users discussed how was he was granted the student visa when he has passed the age of academic studies. A few rumor mongers on Twitter asserted that Murad Saeed’s father was traveling for graduate studies to Australia and others added that he was carrying forged university degree and travel documents. Some even went on to allege that his father was carrying 2000 Australian dollars and that’s why he was taken into custody over suspicion.

However, senior journalist and analyst, Rauf Klasra busted the rumors against federal minister Murad Saeed and his father. He declined the media reports that Saeed’s father was arrested for traveling on a student visa. Adding that he traveled to Australia on tourism visa purportedly but a dispute happened after miscommunication due to language barrier and faulty procedure in the visa process.

Klasra, asked people to show restraint until Murad Saeed clarifies the incident. He commented that it is essential for the public office holders to provide accurate information regarding himself and his family to people to avoid controversies.

Furious Federal Minister, Murad Saeed, apparently irked with the libelous comments on social media, dissed his critics in a twitter post. He schooled his detractors that they don’t have the right to slander his family since once they were also forced to undergo an embarrassing security check at an international airport.

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Murad Saeed referred to the incident of former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi; video of Abbasi once circulated on social media in which he was seen taking off his coat, belt and shoes to undergo a security check at one of the airports in the US. The incident happened when Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had replaced Nawaz Sharif as the premier of Pakistan.

An unnamed source from a student immigration consultancy revealed that the Australian government has placed a ban on the students of KPK and Balochistan applying for a study abroad program in Australian academic institutions.

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The ban is strictly followed for the student applying for undergraduate programs from these two provinces, however, universities may relax the restriction, rarely, for students applying for the graduate program on the condition that they have acquired their undergraduate degree from educational institutes in the other two provinces.

When asked about the ban on the students from KPK and Balochistan, it was revealed the ban had been in place for a long time now and was imposed on political reasons when the majority of students from KPK and Balochistan applied for the political asylum, after traveling to Australia on a student visa.