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Friday, April 12, 2024

NAB lambasted Maryam Nawaz after Hidden Cellphone was Recovered from her Possession

Maryam Nawaz confronted an embarrassing situation after NAB recovered a mobile phone from her possession. Pretends to be a leader but is a pickpocket, lambasted NAB officials.

Maryam Nawaz, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s leader, landed in trouble after NAB allegedly seized a mobile phone from her possession. Reports claim that NAB’s investigating officer reproached Maryam Nawaz for violating the rules.

Maryam Nawaz embarrassed herself after she was found carrying and using a mobile phone when rules strictly bar her from using the cell phone and other gadgets in custody. By violating the rules, she has tarnished her stature as a leader, asserted the investigation officer comparing her to a pickpocket.

NAB had assured Maryam Nawaz to treat her with respect, guaranteeing her complete prisoner’s rights if she abided by the rules and regulation, recalled the investigation officer while lambasting her. The breach of the rule was followed by the transfer of the investigation officer and security guards deputed there.

The details of the recovered cell phone are that it had a functional phone network, the SIM is registered in the name of her secretary Saima Farooq. NAB seized the mobile phone to investigate the data of mobile and ascertain her conversations with other PML-N leaders.

A source quoted that she frequently contacted her father Nawaz Sharif in Kothlakhpat Jail and even contacted a few diplomats.

Maryam Nawaz along with her cousin Yousaf Abbas was sent to jail in Chaudhry Sugar mill case last month.

The news of the recovery of a mobile phone from Maryam Nawaz churned criticism from the ruling party PTI, with senior leader Aleem Khan calling her ancestors pickpockets.

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that Maryam Nawaz’s cell phone was recovered from the jail and very interesting information had been collected from it. “The data of all those people who were in contact with Maryam Nawaz is there in the phone,” said Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad in a triumphant way.

The jail authorities, however, are adamant that no such incident happened and that no prisoner is using a mobile phone on the premises of the jail.

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Last week, the personal doctor of Nawaz Sharif Dr. Adnan Khan complained that Vice President PML-N, Maryam Nawaz is not provided better facilities in jail despite court orders. According to Khan, he met with Maryam Nawaz in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore and was appalled to see Nawaz Sharif’s daughter incarcerated in a small cell alone.

He added that the bed was infested with bed bugs and mosquitoes, she is not allowed to have her home-made food.

Maryam Nawaz along with her cousin Yousaf Abbas was sent to jail in Chaudhry Sugar mill case last month. According to reports, Maryam Nawaz is allotted B-class facilities in jail. She is provided a water cooler, a chair, a mattress, books and newspapers in her jail cell. She is also entitled to an air-conditioner and a television.