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Monday, November 27, 2023

NAB seeks salary details of Sindh Police officer who has properties in Dubai, UK: report

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has also arrested Makhdoom Jalil-u-Zaman, the son of Pakistan People’s Party deceased leader Makhdoom Amin Fahim.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has commenced an inquiry against CIA Hyderabad in-charge Aslam Langa after senior officers came on the anti-corruption watchdog’s radar over alleged financial irregularities, citing sources, ARY News reported on Thursday.

NAB Karachi has sought all the details of Aslam Langa, claimed the news channel. The complaint required that all documents should be provided, in addition to the personal files along with Aslam Langa’s identity card.

NAB has said that details of Langa’s assets and salary should also be given, as well as details of when and where Aslam Langa was stationed. The news channel reports that the properties in Dubai and the UK have also been revealed. NAB has further directed the officers to provide all the details by tomorrow and stated that the details should be sent to Additional Director in-charge Complaints Cell Javed Khan, reports ARY.

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The NAB Karachi chapter sought assets’ records of CIA Hyderabad in-charge Aslam Langa from Inspector General (IG) Sindh after receiving a complaint, sources told ARY News. “The officials asked the provincial police chief to provide a personal file along with Langa’s national identity card, besides handing over complete details of his assets and salary”, they added.

Siasat News Pakistan too revealed the details of Langa’s deputation. In addition, the senior police officer’s departmental inquiry was also sought out by the NAB Karachi officials.

Per the news website, sources added that the police department was asked to send the details to assistant director in-charge complaint cell Javed Khan. They further reported that in another action today, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Makhdoom Jalil-u-Zaman, the son of Pakistan People’s Party deceased leader Makhdoom Amin Fahim. “He was taken into custody by NAB Sindh from his house in Karachi”, reported Siasat News.

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They further disclosed that sources had claimed that Makhdoom Jalil-u-Zaman is accused of embezzlement of funds whilst being “Taluka Nazim of Hala. He was summoned by the “graft-buster body in August, but he did not show up”.

News channel interviews Rashid Sadiq

Just yesterday, a private news channel reported that Langah was subject to intensive inquiry on account of his extravagant background. They interviewed commentator Rashid Sadiq to unravel the complete details of the matter.

When asked what kind of accusations were levelled at Langah, Sadiq responded that a 3 member committee at Karachi had conducted an investigation which wrote its first letter to IG Sindh, inquiring about his financial status and salary, in addition to any and all properties or benefits he had acquired from Sindh Police.

Sadiq further added that Langah was also facing charges of bribery and having taken unjust remuneration. He added that the bribes he took were spent on his own properties, which are currently owned under the names of his family members.

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It should not go unnoticed that this is not the first time that the Sindh Police has been under NAB’s radar.