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Saturday, April 13, 2024

NAB summons CM Buzdar for awarding illegal liquor license

CM Punjab has been directed to appear before the NAB over charges of awarding illegal liquor license. CM Buzdar had reportedly issued a liquor license to a private hotel, which is right of DG Excise.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has summoned Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Usman Buzdar on August 12. CM Punjab has been directed to appear before the NAB over charges of awarding illegal liquor license. As the NAB summons CM Buzdar, there are news about his family’s involvement in corruption.

According to the NAB sources, CM Buzdar had issued a liquor license to a private hotel, which is right of DG Excise. He has been summoned to record his statement in the inquiry, sources said.

It may be noted that Chairman NAB Justice retired Javed Iqbal vowed across the board accountability and added that NAB does not believe in any discrimination. “Mega corruption cases will be led to their logical end”, he had said and termed corruption a cancer and the biggest obstacle in the development of the country.

Earlier, this year, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar had also recorded his statement before the sugar inquiry commission investigating the sugar crisis in Pakistan. The commission was led by FIA Director-General Wajid Zia.

Sources had said the Buzdar responded to the commission’s queries about the provision subsidy on the export of sugar.

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Earlier there was news about Buzdar’s bothers’ involvement in corruption across the province. Reliable sources claim that massive scale corruption is taking place in the province under the leadership of the CM. It is yet to be seen how the premier decides to deal with these allegations.

The Punjab government has decided to go to the court and challenged the journalist for propagating against the CM.

PM’s favorite man in Punjab

As the NAB summons CM Buzdar, it is important to recall that last year Usman Buzdar had to face severe criticism after he signed a bill seeking an incredible increase in the salaries of provincial lawmakers. The prime minister not only regretted over the development but also called on Usman Buzdar and reportedly told him to review the bill. The governor was then asked not to sign the bill. According to the details of this bill, the speaker’s monthly salary was increased from Rs37,000 to Rs200,000, while his deputy would receive Rs185,000 instead of Rs35,000. The MPAs, who used to earn Rs18,000, would earn Rs80,000 every month. CM Buzdar’s own salary was increased by Rs59,000.

Prominent political commentator and editor Fahd Hussain argues that “make no mistake: there is trouble — serious trouble — in Punjab.” Fahd argues that CM Buzdar has little or no control over police and bureaucracy in the province. “This trouble starts with the chief minister’s control, or lack of it, over the running of the province. Yes he travels regularly across the land suspending an odd official here and a random bureaucrat there, but his grip is weak on the affairs of the domain he lords over,” he wrote months ago.

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While proposing solutions to ensure better governance in Punjab, Fahd suggests that “now Khan needs to make him (CM Buzdar) un-happen if he wants to return to his original vision. Today Punjab is a mess. Forget competing with Shehbaz; the province is on the brink of a major crisis.”