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Thursday, May 23, 2024

NAB summons Farah Khan in money laundering case

NAB has directed Farah Khan to personally appear before the investigators on July 20 besides serving her a notice.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has summoned Farah Khan and her husband along with 19 others in an assets case against her. Important to note that Farah Khan is a close friend of former First Lady Bushra Bibi and has been the target of much controversy.

According to the details, NAB has directed Farah Khan to personally appear before the investigators on July 20 besides serving her a notice. NAB issued the recent notice after initiating an inquiry into assets beyond known sources of income and money laundering allegations against Farah Khan.

The controversy surrounding Farah Khan arose after disgruntled PTI leader Aleem Khan accused Bushra Bibi’s friend Farah of taking a lot of bribes and making decisions regarding transfers and postings of bureaucrats in Punjab during Usman Buzdar’s tenure.

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Ever since the political leader made the allegations, reports on Farah Khan’s wealth made the rounds. On the other hand, Farah Khan rejected the allegations, also claiming that she has never interfered in any governmental affairs.

New revelations emerged regarding Farah Khan, raising questions on how she attained such wealth. As a result, NAB decided to launch an inquiry against Farah Khan. According to NAB, Farah’s account received a huge turnover amounting to Rs. 847 million during the last three years, which does not commensurate with her stated account profile.

PML-N leaders accusations

Due to the charges against Farah Khan, PML-N leaders have often taken shots at her while lashing out at former Prime Minister Imran Khan. PML-N claims that Imran Khan is dishonest since he facilitated people like Farah Khan to carry out corruption.

A spokesperson for the Government of Punjab Attaullah Tarar in June said that during the PTI tenure in power, Farah Gogi — whose real name is Farah Khan — “ruled over the entire country while sitting in Punjab.”

“When the PTI government was in power, Gogi accumulated assets worth billions of rupees,” he said, adding that diamonds worth billions of rupees were sent to Dubai from Pakistan where they were sold off.

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Similarly, in a recent jalsa, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said “fitna” Khan [Imran Khan] established “GPEC — Gogi-Pinky economic corridor”, adding that he kept on robbing Punjab through his family.