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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Nadia Jamil diagnosed with breast cancer, will undergo surgery

In her latest message, she again urged increasing awareness on breast cancer among females particularly in South Asia, where the conversation around the subject is usually avoided due to shame and cultural restraints.

Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil has been diagnosed with breast cancer grade-3 tumor. The actress shared the heartbreaking news with her followers in a tweet.

She said, “Last week, I was diagnosed with cancer and now I’m four days into treatment.”

Jamil described the mix of emotions she is going through amid her cancer treatment.


“In the last few days, I have felt all sorts of feelings, from apprehension and fear to unbeatable love to calmness and acceptance. Patience, overwhelming gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility towards my children, parents, loved ones, myself and you,” wrote the beautiful actress detailing the whirlwind of emotions she is experiencing.

In the following tweet, she said, “Its stage one breast cancer and grade three tumor. Regular self-checks are important ladies! Please act fast if you feel any abnormalities.”

She concluded her tweet with a public service message urging females to take their health seriously and avoid ignoring the unusual signs appearing in their bodies.

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“Do not ever ignore your body, your health. I now await my surgery date and am feeling positive and loved. Please don’t worry and take good care of yourselves,” she said.

Nadia Jamil, a flawless actress and staunch supporter of children’s rights received prayers and wishes from fans and followers in abundance on social media. Her followers and fans rallied in to express their support to her in her testing times.

In her latest message, she again urged females to have increased awareness of breast cancer, which is particularly high in South Asia, however, where the conversation around the subject is usually avoided due to shame and cultural restraints.

She informed that she has received her first surgery date. “My dear twitter family Alhamdolillah my surgery date has come. Your prayers have worked. JazakAllah Khair, shukriya all of you. Tomorrow morning I will go into surgery, InshaAllah. Please remember its important 2 catch #breastcancer early, so ladies, don’t ignore looking out 4 lumps,” said Nadia Jamil.

According to a report, Asian women have a comparatively low rate of breast cancer than Western women partially affected by lifestyle, diet and physical exercise. Asia accounts for 39% of breast cancer cases worldwide.

In Asia, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and the second leading cause of deaths in women in Asia