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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Nawaz Sharif to Lead PML-N Again

After four years of self-imposed exile, Nawaz returned to Pakistan from London in October of the previous year.

During a press briefing in Lahore after a party leadership meeting, Rana Sanaullah, President of PML-N’s Punjab chapter, declared that Nawaz Sharif would reclaim the helm of the ruling party.

“Nawaz Sharif will resume leadership of the party. PML-N will progress under his guidance,” stated the former security czar.

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Sanaullah emphasized that the PML-N leader had received a “clean chit” from the courts.

Nawaz resigned as prime minister in 2017 following a Supreme Court decision disqualifying him for life due to failure to declare a receivable salary.

In February 2018, the Supreme Court disqualified Nawaz as PML-N president in its Panama Papers case verdict, citing ineligibility under Articles 62 and 63.

After four years of self-imposed exile, Nawaz returned to Pakistan from London in October of the previous year.

The Supreme Court’s January 8, 2024 decision lifted lifetime bans on contesting elections for individuals with criminal convictions, clearing the path for Nawaz’s political comeback.

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Sanaullah informed journalists that under Nawaz’s leadership, the party would address its shortcomings and adhere to his narrative, whether it involves resistance or reconciliation.

He clarified that while the party had created the post of “Quaid,” the operational leadership role remained with the president.

In 2018, following Nawaz’s disqualification, PML-N leaders appointed him “Quaid” for life.

Regarding the meeting’s discussions, Sanaullah mentioned that PML-N leaders presented effective proposals regarding the country’s current political landscape.

He stated that Nawaz had been urged to reassume leadership of the party, emphasizing Nawaz’s efforts to navigate the country through economic challenges.

Sanaullah praised the performance of the PML-N-led Punjab government and highlighted Maryam Nawaz’s efforts to alleviate the public’s hardships.

He concluded by expressing the party leadership’s satisfaction with the performance of PM Shehbaz and Punjab CM Maryam.