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Monday, November 27, 2023

Netherlands boxing champ Ruby Jesiah Mesu accepts Islam

Netherlands boxing star Ruby Jesiah Mesu has converted to Islam. The boxer announced the news on her official Instagram account.

Netherlands Boxing star Ruby Jesiah Mesu has converted to Islam. The boxer announced the news on her official Instagram account.

According to the details, Jesiah was born Christian, however, she started practicing the religion a few years ago. Now, the teachings of Islam inspired her to officially accept the religion. She took her shahada in a mosque with witnesses in the Netherlands.



Pictures of her wearing hijab went viral on social media. She received appreciation and love from the Muslim community across the globe. She made the announcement two days on social media. Ruby is also known as the kick-boxer and “The Lady Tyson”.

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Back in 2016, Jesiah met a horrific car accident in which she broke her neck and that halted her budding career in the field of kickboxing and martial arts. After critical surgeries the doctors were able to fix the plates in the seven cervical vertebrae, however, she could not fully rotate her neck even after the surgery.



It took Jesiah months of physical and mental rehabilitation and therapies to regain her confidence back. After a year-and-half, she returned to kickboxing while also recovering from the accident.

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In one of her previous interviews with Vice, Jesiah asserted that kickboxing was her passion. She said that “Before the accident, I was really working to achieve a goal. If all of that suddenly disappears, you lose motivation. You’re young and you suddenly have no idea how you’re going to do it all.”

“I have always kept that drive to kickboxing, to become a champion. I was constantly told by the doctors: no, no, that is no longer possible. But if I’m not kickboxing, I just don’t get happy,” said Jesiah.

“I am not a person who just goes to ballet, although I have also danced for a long time and taught it. But fighting gives me a lot more satisfaction. After a year and a half of hard work, I got an agreement from the hospital to fight again,” the boxer added further.