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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Never seen Ali Zafar harass anyone, witnesses tell court

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The latest witnesses presented by the legal counsel of Ali Zafar in the defamation case debunked the sexual harassment allegations on Ali Zafar leveled by singer Meesha Shafi on the singer/actor.

A witness explained how he’s worked with the celebrity, and alleged harasser, for the past eight years but has never seen him harass anyone. Sarfraz, alongside Taha, were the two remaining witnesses presented by the legal counsel at the latest hearing under judge Amjad Ali Shah on Tuesday.

Sarfraz was a former manager of Zafar while Taha is the current one. He stated he has never seen Ali Zafar harass anyone or come even close to committing such a heinous act in the past eight years he has worked alongside the singer and commented that Meesha Shafi’s allegations are baseless and false.

In the previous hearing, Ali Zafar’s legal counsel presented the affidavits of seven witnesses against Meesha Shafi in the famous sexual harassment case. The affidavits presented by the legal counsel have rejected allegations that actor Ali Zafar had sexually harassed Meesha Shafi at a jamming session at the singer’s residence.

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The statements read that Meesha has falsely accused Ali Zafar in the case. The Lahore High Court has adjourned the hearing and has summoned the legal counsel of Meesha Shafi to cross-examine the witnesses on May 29th, 2019.

Meesha Shafi levelled allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar almost a year ago. Ali Zafar had rejected these allegations and announced to fight a legal battle against Shafi. In a recent TV interview, Ali Zafar overwhelmed by emotions, burst into tears while talking about the allegations levelled on him. He cried while describing the impact of these allegations, explaining the mental stress and strain on his family and his professional profile.