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Friday, April 12, 2024

Nine witnesses reject Meesha Shafi’s allegation of sexual harassment in court

All nine witnesses presented by Ali Zafar's legal counsel before the session court in Lahore have denied the sexual harassment allegations leveled by Meesha Shafi . These nine witnesses have already submitted their affidavits in court testifying Ali Zafar’s innocence.

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Guitarist Asad Ahmed, bass player Muhammad Ali, drummer Qaiser Zain, backing vocalists Aqsa Ali and Kinza Munir, saxophone player Muhammad Taqi, percussionist Kashif Chaman, flute player Baqir Abbas, and keyboard player Joshua Keith were produced by Ali Zafar’s counsel as eyewitnesses at the rehearsal session during which Shafi claimed she was harassed.

During cross-examination, Zain told lawyers that he was standing right behind the singers and would have witnessed anything even close to what Shafi claims. Ahmed was backed by Zain’s statement and stated that he as well was watching both the singers.

All the witnesses maintained that the singers were standing two to three feet apart throughout the rehearsals. The court, however, has summoned more witnesses to appear in the next hearing which will be held on June 11.

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Ali Zafar recently appeared on a TV show where he burst into tears while talking about the allegations levied on him by Meesha Shafi.

Talking to the private news channel host, Mr. Zafar was oblivious to why Ms. Shafi had made such allegations against him. He, however, requested Meesha Shafi to end the fiasco soon. “I don’t know why she is doing this… one should ask her. She should come to the court herself and reveal her true intentions,” stated Ali Zafar.

The singer further explained how at the alleged place of harassment, there were 11 witnessed present including two women. He also showed in court the message Shafi sent him after the jamming event.