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Thursday, February 15, 2024

No NRO for Wealth Plunderers: PM Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday, reiterated that there will no compromise on corruption cases and no NROs will be issued for arrested opposition leaders. The premier said that there will be no compromise, even if the opposition unites to launch anti-government movements and protests.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday, stated that no one has directly contacted him to obtain a National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), and reiterated that regardless of the All Party Conferences and protestations, the opposition leaders booked under mega-corruption cases will not be provided any relief or compromise.

Sources reveal that these comments emerged during a meeting of the parliamentary party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, held at the Parliament House in Islamabad. Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that the opposition can stage as many protests as it wants, the federal government will undermine their efforts by exhibiting an efficient performance.

Reports reveal that Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “No one has directly approached me to obtain an NRO, but it is well-known that I will not be willing to compromise on the cases of corruption.”

He added, “No NRO will be issued, regardless of whether the opposition launches an anti-government movement, or organizes an All Party Conference.”

The PTI parliamentary meeting was attended by PTI leadership and other political allies to undertake a discussion on the political landscape of the country, and devise a strategy to make sure the proposed finance budget for 2019-20 gets an approval from the National Assembly.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed positivity and assured that despite the ongoing economic tensions, Pakistan has set out on the path of recovery. Sources quoted his remarks, “The Federal government has carved out a new economic direction, and Pakistan is on its way to recovery after combating a bitter financial crisis.”

The Premier made a strong emphasis on the responsibility of all parliamentarians and lawmakers to initiate a tax awareness campaign, urging the public to pay their taxes with accuracy and transparency in order to uplift the economy.

PM Khan said, “All members of parliaments must make efforts to make the people more aware of the economic crisis Pakistan is undergoing and the role of the politicians who led the country to this crisis.”

The Premier instructed all parliamentarians to attend the assembly during the budget sessions, since the approval of the budget from the National Assembly is a mandatory legal requirement.

Foreign Friends pressing for NRO?

Earlier today, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed reinstated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance that the accused and corrupt politicians of the opposition will not be granted an NRO at any cost.

Speaking to the media in Islamabad, Sheikh Rasheed said, “Regardless of what happens and whatever plan they hatch, no NRO will be given to them unless they decide to return the plundered wealth.”

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Sheikh Rasheed referred to the speeches made by opposition leaders on the National Assembly in criticism of the accountability procedures, and stated, “These comments are evidence that these corrupt leaders are asking for NRO.”

Sheikh Rasheed dropped another intriguing revelation without naming any names, stating that the friendly countries of the arrested opposition leaders, including Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar amongst others, are “demanding NROs for them.”

Referring to the All Parties Conference (APC) called by Maulana Fazlur Rehman alongside PPP and PML-N leadership, Sheikh Rasheed observed that it is called for the sole purpose of hiding their corruption through an anti-government movement.

The Federal Minister for Railway concluded that since the PTI-led government has a majority on the lower house of the parliament, getting an approval for the finance bill will not be an obstacle.