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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Noor Bukhari upset over lack of opportunities to host religious programs

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Former actress Noor Bukhari has stated that the audience chooses spicy program over religious programs. She waved goodbye to the entertainment last year when she embarked on a religious path. Bukhari says her life since then has changed tremendously.

Talking to a media outlet, she stated “My life changed the minute I chose to put on my hijab. I cannot put into words the experience I have had but I will say that I really felt what an ideal life feels like after choosing religion.” She added, “I have always had a lot of love for my family but after this year, I have a general sense of love for all of humanity.”

Following the dissolution of her fourth marriage, Noor Bukhari disheartened turned towards spiritual guides for healing.

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Disconnecting herself from the glamorous world of entertainment, Noor Bukhari wishes to be a part of the religious program. But she is unhappy with the lack of work opportunities in this category of content. She believes it is the audience who are more inclined towards glamour than religious content.

“I want to work on religious programs but I see no interest from the audience in this regard. All they want is the glamour and masala,” stated Bukhari.

Bukhari is currently associated with Mast Mast Healers group.  She stated that after joining the said group she has become more stable emotionally and has changed her attitudes towards people. “After joining this group, I have become even more religious… it has changed my life,” the Billi actor expressed. “The biggest change is that I have started forgiving all of those who have hurt me in the past,” said Bukhari.

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She also advised people to connect to the Quran to gain internal satisfaction. “I spend a lot of my time listening Surah Rahman after joining this group and I can’t truly feel my life becoming beautiful. I advise all those who are stressed, upset or even depression to please listen to this Surah.”