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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Noor Mukadam murder condemned by Association of Former Ambassadors

The intense brutality and insensitivity surrounding the murder of Noor Mukadam, the daughter of former Ambassador Mr. Shaukat Ali Mukaddam has taken social media by storm. Incidents of gender-based violence have skyrocketed in recent years. Thus, the bottom line is crystal clear; only the names keep changing but the story remains the same for every other woman. Things are going from bad to worse.

This inhuman incident came at a time when the country has already been flooded with instances of unspeakable crimes against women ranging from gang rape to acid attacks to “routine torture” to forced conversions and the list goes on. Regarding the Noor Mukadam murder case, here are certain things for us to know:

Apparent facts surrounding the Noor Mukadam Case

According to the investigating officer, the diplomat’s daughter was allegedly shot and then slaughtered mercilessly through a sharp-edged weapon by a man named Zahir Jaffer. The 27-year-old was found dead in the capital’s upscale Sector F-7/4 area on Tuesday 20th July 2021

Zahir Jaffer, the son of the CEO of a leading construction company in Islamabad is allegedly involved in the murder and was arrested on the spot and taken to the police station. The investigation entails that Zahir and Noor were childhood friends and their break-up appears to be one of the dominant reasons behind her murder. The reports elucidate that she went to the suspect’s house on Tuesday and lost contact with her father on Tuesday morning.

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Her ruthless killing took the social media by storm and the stream of hashtags #JusticeForNoor and #JusticeForNoorMukadam reiterate people’s solidarity with the lady murdered in cold blood.

This perturbing incident has become to the limelight days after the daughter of Afghan ambassador Silsila Alikhil was allegedly abducted and tortured on her way home. Additionally, there had been an uptick in cases of multiple forms of violence against women highlighting their plight and vulnerabilities at the hand of structural violence and inhumanity perpetrated in the name of groundless reasons.

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Solidarity by the Association of Former Ambassadors (AFA)

The Association of Former Ambassadors (AFA) has strongly condemned the ghastly murder of the daughter of former Ambassador Mr. Shaukat Ali Mukaddam and had made calls for exemplary, proportionate punishment for the murderer of Ms. Noor. In a Press Release issued on July 22, over 100 former Ambassadors, members of AFA have called the attention of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to ensure that the perpetrator of violence is brought to speedy justice. The proceedings should undergo promptly and prudently and police should scrutinize the medical and criminal track record of the suspect.

Such apt supervision of this case would help reduce alarmingly high crime against women in Islamabad. In addition, they lauded the personal support of the Foreign Minister for keeping balm on the anguish of the bereaved family. The foreign secretary’s arrival at the funeral consolidates such solidarity.

The Association nevertheless articulated its apprehension that the suspect may take advantage of his dual nationality and try to escape the scale of law. Thus, it stresses that his name should be placed on the ECL to ensure that he does not use his family’s influence and power to slip away from the country. Justice must be served.

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With fingers crossed, the public and the close associates of the Noor Family eyes the law of Pakistan to award them justice since the act was unforgiving and despicable. However, the question still hovers; will the justice to Noor put the lids of the surging cases of violence against all women in our society or do only the rich and powerful have access to justice?