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Saturday, May 25, 2024

North Korea once again warned by US and co.

Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo also expressed concerns about potential arms cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

North Korea once again warned by US and co

On Saturday, the national security advisors of the United States, South Korea, and Japan convened a meeting in Seoul. During this meeting, they called for a more robust international effort to curb North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile development, as well as its military collaborations with other nations. This concern arose due to suspicions regarding North Korea’s alleged arms transfers to Russia.

This gathering occurred against the backdrop of heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has accelerated the expansion of the nation’s nuclear and missile programs, openly endorsing a more aggressive nuclear doctrine that permits preemptive use of nuclear weapons. In response, the United States and its Asian allies have increased their cooperation on regional security and bolstered joint military exercises, actions criticised by Kim as invasion rehearsals.

Following the meeting, Cho, one of the security advisors, emphasized that the three nations reaffirmed North Korea’s obligations as outlined in various U.N. Security Council resolutions, which call for denuclearization and prohibit weapons trade with other countries. They agreed to enhance coordination among their countries to ensure strict enforcement of these resolutions.

Growing concerns in the region

Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo also expressed concerns about potential arms cooperation between North Korea and Russia. They fear that Kim may be providing essential munitions to assist Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine conflict in exchange for Russian technological support to modernize North Korea’s nuclear-armed forces.

Sullivan emphasized the ongoing threat posed by North Korea to international and regional peace and security. He held separate bilateral talks with South Korea’s national security office director, Cho Tae-yong, and Japan’s national security secretariat secretary general, Takeo Akiba, as well as a meeting with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol.

During a dinner reception, Yoon highlighted the importance of building upon the August summit with U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at Camp David. They had pledged to deepen security and economic cooperation. South Korea’s presidential office noted Sullivan’s support for South Korea’s recent decision to partially suspend a 2018 inter-Korean military agreement aimed at reducing border tensions, emphasizing the need to strengthen surveillance along the North Korean border.

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In their one-on-one meeting, Cho and Akiba discussed the necessity of fostering broader “international solidarity” in addressing North Korea’s nuclear and missile program, which poses a threat not only to the Korean Peninsula but also to the regional and global community as a whole.