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Friday, September 22, 2023

North Yorkshire Police includes hijab, headscarves in police uniforms

"I didn't want to leave half of myself at home when I go in to do the job that I love," said Police Constable Uzma Amireddy.

North Yorkshire Police in the UK have included headscarf and hijab in its uniform to facilitate female Muslim police officers. The development came in the last month of November following the efforts of two Muslim officers who designed the customized uniform for Muslim police officers.

Police Constable, Uzma Amireddy, has become the first officer to wear headscarves with the uniform. PC Arfan Rahouf helped her designed the uniform. The two police officers celebrated their victory when North Yorkshire Police officially made hijab and headscarf a part of the uniform.

PC Uzma Amireddy expresses pleasure

Amireddy expressed delight on the move and said that it “completes me as a Muslim female and as a police officer”.

PC Amireddy in her interview with BBC said: “I am a British Muslim, I want to serve the British community and I love the job that I do as a police officer, but it shouldn’t hinder me in practicing my religion. “I didn’t want to leave half of myself at home when I go in to do the job that I love.”


She expressed her thoughts in a tweet as she appeared in a new uniform on Monday. “I was afraid when I started wearing the hijab, fearing that this may hinder me in policing especially in proactive roles.

“Now finally it is part of a uniform @NYorksPolice let’s hope the future is optimistic in sha Allah,” she tweeted.


PC Rahouf also voiced his views in a tweet. “After many months of designing a new Hijab, I am happy to say myself & @PCUAmireddy have now achieved this!!” he tweeted.

“@PCUAmireddy is wearing the new Hijab whilst on shift, today, fantastic to hear she feels comfortable wearing it!!,” said Rahouf in a tweet.


In an interview with BBC, he said: “We’ve now been invited to have conversations in a national forum regarding this hijab and whether it becomes part of the national uniform,” he said.

“It’s fit for purpose, sends the right message, professional and it makes the person wearing it feel valued.”

North Yorkshire Police hails inclusion of hijab

North Yorkshire Police spokesperson also released a statement on the move. The spokesperson said: “We need to be more representative of the communities we serve, for us to be an inclusive workforce and deliver a better service to all of our communities.”

“North Yorkshire Police need to make sure that the uniform for every police officer is fit for purpose,” the statement read further.

They acknowledged the need to be “more representative” of the communities.

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The spokesperson further commented that the workforce needs to ensure that such a matter can be resolved through dialogue.

“PC Amireddy and PC Rahouf have worked hard to drive this positive action and collaborated with colleagues across the force to make this important change happen,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police offers the option of wearing a hijab with the uniform since 2006. The Scotland Police also approved of the provision in 2016.

New Zealand Police introduced hijab in uniform

Back in November, New Zealand Police had introduced hijab in their uniforms to make the Police service inclusive concerning the diverse demographic of the community. The amendments have been made to help the people meet their personal needs as well as their profession.

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Muslim girl Zeena Ali, 30, became the first Police officer to wear a uniform with a hijab. Ali had decided to join the Police force after a horrific attack on Christchurch Mosque killing nearly 50 Muslim worshippers.