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Thursday, February 15, 2024

NSA Yusuf urges media, politicians not to ‘politicize’ Pakistan’s national security

Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Pakistan’s adviser on national security, explains as to what Pakistani media can do to counter Indian propaganda. “We must not politicize every single development. Not every development is for ratings,” he said. Read GVS News Analysis.

Indian think tanks, intellectuals, and institutions developed an anti-Pakistan narrative in the US and we could not adequately counter them, said Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on National Security Division Dr. Moeed Yusuf in a talk-show Hard talk with Dr. Moeed Pirzada on 92 channel. SAPM suggested a strategy for Pakistani media to counter the Indian narrative against the state of Pakistan.

Dr. Pirzada asked questions about Pakistan’s ability to develop an independent narrative to counter the Indian propaganda. Notably, Dr. Yusuf, in his first interview with an Indian news outlet conducted by India’s renowned journalist Karan Thapar, has said that India sponsors terrorism which must be stopped now.

“We are not used to making our points clearly. We have never been able to counter the Indian narrative,” said Dr. Yusuf. “When I was in the US, I saw how Indian intellectuals presented Pakistan’s image; a country run by the military,” he added.

Dr. Pirzada asked him about his plans to reform Pakistan’s narrative. In reply, Dr. Yusuf said that “we have nothing. My boss, Prime Minister Imran Khan, has clearly told me to focus on one thing and that is peace”.

Dr. Yusuf also said: “You saw my interview, I kept talking about peace. However, it was unfortunate to see the anchor repeatedly focusing on what happened 12 years ago”

Dr. Yusuf said that the world needs to be told about the activities being carried out by India in Pakistan. “There is nothing to wait for. This the time that we inform the world about the naked truths,” he said.

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“See, the situation is changing now. We are part of the Afghanistan peace process. If we cannot sell out our narrative now, there will be never an opportunity like this. We must let the world know what the truth is,” he said.

India is responsible for APS

Taking an aggressive approach, while speaking with Thapar, towards Indian sponsored terrorism in Pakistan, the SAPM revealed new details about millions of dollars in payments made to TTP leadership by RAW officer through Indian Embassy funds. He said Pakistan knows the names and ranks of officers in touch with terror leadership and will soon reveal Indian activities to the world through a detailed dossier based on lengthy investigations. He also revealed that India has financed anti-Pakistan terrorist groups and supported their merger with the TTP earlier this year.

For the first time, Dr Moeed Yusuf also blamed India for sponsoring the heinous Army Public School Peshawar attack in which over 100 innocent children lost their lives. He said Pakistan has record of eight phone calls made from India to TTP commander before the attack. He added that Indian intelligence handlers based in a neighboring country have directed attacks on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, Pearl Continental hotel in Gwadar and the Pakistan Stock Exchange attack in the last two years. He also revealed how the Baloch Liberation Army terrorists were receiving treatment in a hospital in New Delhi.

Pakistan should change its narrative framing

Dr. Yusuf pointed out that Pakistan needs to changes its narrative framing. “Pakistan is an economic melting pot and this must be communicated to the Americans. They must be made a part of the economic ventures. We must let them know that India, their ally, is involved in terrorism in the region.

Dr. Moeed Pirzada asked him as to what Pakistani media can do to help the state counter Indian propaganda. Dr. Yusuf mentioned three points: First, Western media gets almost 90 stories from Pakistani media. They know what you tell them, he said. Dr. Yusuf also mentioned that “you [media] are part of diplomacy”. He also urged the domestic media not to politicize everything for r “local appetite”.

Second, due to inaccurate reporting on the matter of GB, the Indian media did propaganda and spread the idea that “it has been sold”.  The media should have been careful about it. “Let’s decide that there must be some matter that would never be politicized for ratings,” he said.

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Third, for narrative re-framing, suggested Dr. Yusuf, there must be some space for the Pakistani diaspora in America. “Invite them to your shows and YouTube channels and let them become part of our journey,” he suggested.