NZ terror attack: American author shares stories of victims

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Khalid Beydoun, American lawyers, and author of the famous book ‘American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear’ have been sharing the accounts of the martyrs of the yesterday’s Christchurch’s mosques attack in New Zealand.

He has shared the heart-wrenching accounts of the few of the victims of the incident that were hailed as a hero in yesterday’s brutal terror attack.

He shared the account of Pakistan’s Naeem Rashid who lost her life in an attempt to overpower the shooter to save fellow worshippers.

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Remembering, Rashid, he wrote, “The Hero” | Say his name: Naeem Rashid. One of the 49 #ChristChurch victims. After he witnessed his son Taha shot and killed, and men and women slain around him, he lunged at the terrorist with his bear hands. He was courageous until the very end – and died a Hero.”

He then shared the picture of a three-year-old Muca Ibrahim, one of the youngest martyrs of the terror attack.

He wrote, “The Youngest” | Muca Abdi was only 3 years old. He was killed by a terrorist in #ChristChurch and is the youngest of the 49 slain Muslims. He has his whole life ahead of him. Remember him like this, smiling wide, with his brother Abdi.”

He also posted the picture of a 4-year old boy, named Abdullahi Dirie. He was shot dead by a terrorist in the mosque.

“Little Angel” | Abdullahi Dirie was only 4 years old. He prayed alongside his siblings and father yesterday in #ChristChurch. Here, he is held by a loved one, no longer with us. He was the second youngest victim. 1/49 gone TOO SOON,” he remembered little Abdullahi in his tweet.

He shared the picture of a woman who died while saving the life of his husband on a wheelchair.

Among the martyrs is the founder of Christchurch mosque, an old Palestinian man. “The Founder” l Mohammad Atta Alayan built the #ChristChurch mosque. A Palestinian refugee, he raised the funds to create a community space for New Zealand’s Muslims Here he is, smiling with his son. He was killed on Friday, inside the mosque he built. 2/49 #49lives”, he wrote on Twitter.


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