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Friday, July 19, 2024

OLX Mall announces partnership with Finja

Finja Business portal will be used by OLX Mall for vendor management and disbursement of payments. OLX Mall aims to disrupt e-commerce of Pakistan.

OLX Mall, the E-Commerce platform of OLX Pakistan recently announced an exciting partnership with Finja; the new-age financial organization. Finja Business portal will be used by OLX Mall for vendor management and disbursement of payments. It is a bank agnostic cloud-based business management tool that supports businesses such as OLX Mall to manage payments, collections, and much more seamlessly.

OLX Mall connects brands and their official distributors selling genuine products to the buyers on their marketplace which makes this partnership an exciting collaboration between both parties to completely digitalize the vendor management process, disbursement of payments for both vendors and employees using the Finja Business platform.

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Speaking on the occasion Umair Munir, General Manager E-Commerce of OLX Pakistan said: “We are delighted to establish this partnership with Finja, which is aimed at exploring avenues to collaborate and work together in making the process of financial payments easier across the board. This alliance will help us establish a smooth and convenient process of conducting transactions between OLX Mall and its partners using Finja’s remarkable platform.”

Kamran Zuberi (CEO Finja Lending Service) remarked, “We look forward to taking this partnership forward and building collaborations with renowned E-commerce partners like OLX Mall. Not only are we automating the entire vendor management process but also looking to empower employees through our seamless payroll management tool and Finja Card salary-on-demand product; hence facilitating each and every individual in the value chain.”

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Both parties are fully committed to working together to explore greater opportunities for digitization.