Our Growing Mobile Lifestyles

The past decade has caused a huge shift in how we operate our day to day as more than ever we are reliant on our smartphones for every aspect of our lives – from the daily utility of internet banking and paying out bills to the growing presence of social media and streamed content. We’ve also seen the importance of having these devices recently, however, as the coronavirus pandemic has shown just how important this modern tech has become.

Perhaps the most important use to come of this, however questionable it may be, has been the introduction of the track and trace apps that have been used to identify contact with others who may have become infected with the coronavirus – despite fears that it would be used to impose on privacy concerns, in many countries it has been a great success to limit the spread and show how well they are coping. For many they have also been an instrumental tool in both working or learning from home as remote working and remote education has quickly become something many are considering a permanent fixture – with the introduction of 5G just around the corner that may combat the poor connection many have at home, a future for this remote lifestyle may be looking more possible as time goes by. 

This same period of time has led to entertainment being perhaps being more important than ever as workers are furloughed and many are looking for different ways to spend their time – restrictions have been placed on some sectors, namely in mobile gambling as online casinos have found huge growth as sporting events remained largely on hold for the past three months. The change came to the initiative called Gamstop which aimed at reducing participation options for problem gamblers, but as a number started to register outside of the jurisdiction of gamstop, it has also captured a new audience. A full list here at Maximum Casinos show some of the favourites that have gained popularity over the past few months, but may now also experience a change as sporting events start to return to normal.

(Image from macrumors.com)

Future mobile tech is also presenting a number of new opportunities to add yet more utility to our daily lives, more active uses of AR, or augmented reality, are starting to be explored as uses are being added to everyday items, the addition of AR to things such as metro cards to show the entire subway map for a city have been show in prominence as a recent example of how it is being used, and our next gen devices may provide an opportunity to use it in a whole new way. It’s a very exciting time for mobile enthusiasts and our devices will only improve, as mentioned the pandemic has shown the importance of these devices and just how much we rely on them – it looks like we may be heading toward a second wave of the pandemic too as countries are beginning to report rising numbers once more, so it’s time to be prepared to spend more time on our devices.


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