Pak Army Major Arsalan Zafar secures 1st spot in Kuwait

Pakistan's very own Major Arsalan Zafar secured the first position at the Joint Command and Staff College in Kuwait. Pakistani citizens are congratulation him on social media for his remarkable achievement.

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Pakistan’s Major Arsalan Zafar has secured the first position among all the foreign officers at the Joint Command and Staff College in Kuwait.

Citizens are congratulating the young officer on social media for his remarkable achievement. Netizens are sharing his pictures of being presented with the certificate at the military academy. He is seen standing with his six-course mates from different countries. Meanwhile, a military officer from Bangladesh secured 4th position.

The graduation ceremony was graced by PM Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah and Defence Minister Sheikh Jaber AL-Ali-Al-Sabah.

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Pakistani Cadets making waves

Back in May, Cadet Shahrukh had become the only Pakistani cadet to graduate from the US Air Force Academy 2021. The picture of Shahrukh waving the Pakistani flag high at his graduation ceremony circulated on social media.

Netizens were felicitating the cadet for his outstanding achievement. Cadet Shahrukh Khan had been accepted into the US Air Force Academy in 2017 at 19 years of age. He was enrolled in the program for four years for rigorous academic and military training.

“I’m excited to go, to learn about the world and people and their different backgrounds,” said Shahrukh, who plans to study engineering at the academy. “From a military standpoint, it will be a chance for me to excel. I learned a lot in Pakistan. The U.S. Air Force Academy will teach me new and different things. ”

He was among the 12 students nominated by Pakistan Air Force to compete in the Service Academy Foreign Student Program.

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Shahrukh Khan and other candidates had completed the Candidate Fitness Assessment and interview portions of their application at the U.S Embassy in Islamabad.

Earlier, in December 2020, Pakistan Army cadet, Muhammad Haris Mairaj, has been declared the overall best foreign national military cadet by RMC Australia. A passing out parade was held at Royal Military College Duntroon, Australia on December 2nd that awarded with Pakistani cadet with the accolade.

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