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Friday, May 24, 2024

Pakistan Army honours Hindu soldier killed in line of duty

The army acknowledged the efforts and sacrifices of Kohli for his homeland on behalf of entire Pak Army in a moving eulogy.

A Pakistani Hindu soldier, Heman Das Kohli, was recently martyred in the line of duty while fighting against terrorists in Quetta, informed a local journalist Sanjay Sadhwani on social media on Friday. Sadhwani shared the video of Pak Army officer speaking high of Kohli as his last rites were performed.

Pakistan Army officers offered a moving eulogy to the Hindu officer in a viral video. The army officer acknowledged the efforts and sacrifices of Kohli for his homeland on behalf of entire Pak Army. The officer speaking promised that Pak Army would support his family.

The video of the Pak Army officer paying tribute to Kohli went viral on social media yesterday. The image of Kohli’s burial wrapped in a Pakistani flag also garnered immense attention on social media.

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The Hindu community and Muslim community in Pakistan paid tribute to the martyred army officer. Pakistani internet users hailed the loyalties of minority Hindu community to Pakistan on the occasion.

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Meanwhile, heartwarming messages of love were poured in on social media. The netizens also prayed for him and his family.

The notable Member of Sindh Provincial Assembly (MPA), Dewan Sachal, from Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI), also shared the video on his Twitter account and wrote, “Pakistani Hindu Soldier martyred in the line of duty . #HemanDasKohli we salute our brave Pakistani. We Represent the “White” in the Flag of Pakistan and are All Pakistanis.”

“God bless this martyred soldier, and his family, for paying the ultimate price for his country and believing in ‘Sab se pehlay Pakistan’. The flag is White and Green for a reason,” said social media activist, Cynthia D Ritchie on Twitter.