Pakistan Army saves Kana Yari singer Wahab Bugti

Netizens had made widespread appeal to rescue Wahab Bugti and his family, who were left homeless and stranded after floods.

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Pakistan Army on Wednesday met Coke Studio’s ‘Kana Yaari’ singer Wahab Bugti. The singer was left homeless after torrential rains and floods in Balochistan.

As per media reports, Brigadier Murtaza and Colonel Ahmed Maruf met the singer who rose to fame after his song in this year’s Coke Studio. Netizens had made widespread appeal to rescue Wahab Bugti and his family, who were left homeless and stranded after floods. Reports further state that Pakistan Army has also set up a relief camp in his village and are providing medical facilities to people affected by floods.

Pictures of him meeting the Pakistan Army officers are circulating the social media. Netizens have praised the response and efforts of the Pakistan Army in rescuing Wahab Bugti and his family. A score of people is enquiring how to help him further regarding the construction of his house and providing him monetary support.

A girl on Twitter had posted about Wahab Bugti last week. A social media post said Wahab was living in dire conditions with his family; after his mud house was destroyed by a flood.

Bugti rose to prominence following Coke Studio’s hit song this year, Kana Yari. He sang the song along with two singers, Kaifi Khalil and Eva B. He had migrated to the city of Dera Murad Jamali along with his family from his village.

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The social media post read, “Wahab Bugti, who got famous after singing “Kana yari” at coke studio, has been living in dire conditions due to the floods in Balochistan. His mud house was destroyed, and his family was living without a home.”

Pictures of him sitting under the bare sky with his children went viral on social media. Soon, many people came forward to help him. A social media user working for flood relief in Balochistan took up the task and reached out to Wahab Ali Bugti. The user then shared his account details and requested people to help him as much as possible.



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