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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan Condemns Indian Provocations

Pakistan addresses Indian provocations on Kashmir, engages in diplomatic initiatives for regional peace, condemns Israel's war crimes in Gaza, and strengthens ties with Iran, emphasizing accountability and cooperation.

Pakistan has firmly rejected recent provocative statements by Indian leaders concerning Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), denouncing them as a threat to regional peace and stability. The Foreign Office (FO) emphasized the need for India to refrain from dragging Pakistan into its internal political discourse for electoral gains, calling for responsible rhetoric from Indian politicians.

FO Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch reiterated Pakistan’s stance on IIOJK, emphasizing its status as an internationally recognized disputed territory. She urged India to respect UN Security Council resolutions, which advocate for a free plebiscite to determine the final status of Jammu and Kashmir. Baloch condemned the ongoing victimization of Muslims and minorities in India, highlighting the need for inclusive and tolerant policies.

Prime Minister’s Diplomatic Engagements

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s upcoming participation in the World Economic Forum’s special meeting in Riyadh underscores Pakistan’s commitment to global collaboration and development. Accompanied by Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar, the prime minister’s visit aims to promote Pakistan’s priorities in health, inclusive growth, and regional cooperation. It presents an opportunity for Pakistan to engage with world leaders and showcase its initiatives for balanced growth and energy consumption.

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Additionally, PM Shehbaz’s attendance at the Islamic Summit Conference in Gambia signifies Pakistan’s solidarity with the Muslim world. Against the backdrop of Israeli atrocities in Gaza, Pakistan will advocate for the rights of Palestinians and highlight the urgency of addressing Islamophobia and terrorism. The summit provides a platform for bilateral discussions and strategic partnerships to address shared challenges.

Calls for Justice and Accountability

Pakistan strongly condemns Israel’s war crimes in Gaza and calls for a transparent investigation into mass graves discovered in the region. The FO emphasizes the need for accountability for atrocities committed against innocent civilians. Pakistan joins the international community in demanding immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid access, and an end to the siege on Gaza. Additionally, Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to strengthening bilateral ties with Iran, focusing on economic cooperation and regional stability.

As Pakistan navigates diplomatic challenges and advocates for peace and justice on the global stage, Prime Minister Shehbaz’s engagements reflect the country’s commitment to promoting dialogue, collaboration, and sustainable development.