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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Pakistan embassy provides shelter to Indian students stranded in Ukraine

Amid the chaos and war raging in Ukraine, Pakistani students stranded in Ukraine are being evacuated by the Embassy of Pakistan. However, a heart-melting video, shared by an Indian student showed Pakistan Embassy coming to their aid in the chaos when they found no one in the Indian embassy after traveling from Kharkiv to Lviv.

Many people have applauded the Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine’s initiative to provide sanctuary to Indian students stranded in the nation due to the Russian invasion.
Pakistani students who have become stranded in Ukraine are currently being evacuated by the Pakistani Embassy.

In the midst of the war in Ukraine and the instability that has gripped the entire Eastern European country, an Indian student has uploaded a touching video.

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Pakistani embassy helps Indian nationals in trying times 

A group of Indian students is seen inside the Pakistani Embassy in the footage. After finding no one at the Indian Embassy after traveling from Kharkiv to Lviv, the Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine welcomed these Indian students. The gesture has once again demonstrated that humanity triumphs over prejudice and animosity.

Himanshu Narayan (@H narayan_) is an Indian student studying in Ukraine who shared this video on Twitter. He names himself as @nsui SM national co-coordinator.

Narayan’s Twitter video was titled, “The Pakistani embassy has made a wonderful gesture. They are assisting Indian students in reaching the Romanian border and supplying food as well.”

However, after complimenting the Pakistani Embassy for its goodwill gesture, he has been harassed by some hired trolls of the Modi government.

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Pakistani embassy in Ukraine is trying its best to help its own nationals

Meanwhile, Pakistan Embassy Ukraine is making all-out efforts to evacuate Pakistani nationals stranded in that country at the earliest.

According to the latest fact sheet, 1227 Pakistanis have already been evacuated while 84 Pakistanis are on their way back to their homeland via Ukraine-Hungary and Ukraine-Romania borders.

It said the situation in Kharkiv region is very precarious and as per the record of the embassy, the evacuation of Pakistanis from there has been completed.

The Embassy said around 600,000 people have fled Ukraine since the 24th of the last month when the conflict escalated.