Pakistan post receives bags from Israel

Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PFP) has strongly condemned the arrival of mail bags from Israel in Pakistan through Pakistan Post.

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The recent postal exchange between Israel and Pakistan has been strongly condemned by the Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PFP). The foundation has called upon Pakistan’s national postal service on receiving mail bags from Israel with which it has no diplomatic and trade ties. The foundation has demanded an immediate ban on the postal exchange between the two countries as it might threaten the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan.

Moreover, this is an alarming situation for Pakistan as it doesn’t recognize Israel, and receiving mail from it is a serious concern. The foundation has insisted President Arif Alvi to take notice and investigate the matter.

In 1948 when Israel came into being, Pakistan was among the 31 United Nations member states that did not recognize Israel and hesitated to maintain diplomatic relations with the country. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had also said that “Israel is an illegitimate state.”

Similarly, Pakistan has always supported Palestine and condemned the atrocities against them on national, regional, and international forums. Pakistan and Palestine consider themselves brother countries as they share the same religion and Muslim culture. The two countries also have a religious affiliation for the sacred mosque Al-Aqsa, the first kiblah of Muslims (Al-Quds).

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Furthermore, Pakistan has always endorsed the two-state solution to Israel-Palestine and has maintained its long-standing position of non-recognition until Palestine is an independent state along with its pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem and the capital city.

Pakistan along with other Muslim countries condemned mass atrocities by the Israeli Defence Forces against its Palestinian Muslim brothers last year. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan also shared his views regarding the Israel-Pakistan relationship when he came into power. He mentioned that Pakistan’s stance on the two-state solution is firm, and the country will not initiate any sort of diplomatic ties with Israel as long as Palestinian Muslims are free from atrocities and violence.

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Therefore, the recent mail from Israel to Pakistan needs an inquiry as the country has to stand beside its oppressed Palestinian Muslim brothers.