Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Tuesday announced that Pakistan has prepared drones for the agriculture sector. The drones will be used in the fight against locusts.

In a post on the social-networking website Twitter, the minister said that the drones can spray 16-liter pesticide in 18 minutes and can also identify the affected areas of the crops.


A drone equipped with the latest technology is the new revolution in the agriculture sector, he added.

Earlier in March, that the Chinese government had decided to send drones urgently to Pakistan. The first batch of drones reached Pakistan on March 9.

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The use of fixed and rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly called drones, are potential means of improving desert locust monitoring, early warning and rapid control, and reducing costs of survey and control operations.

The Chinese authorities would also send technical staff to carry out operation and train staff of the Plant Protection Department and concerned provincial departments, he said.

In addition to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan has also been under attack from a locust invasion. These insects attack and destroy crops in hordes of billions; they are a severe threat to the rural economy in Pakistan. They also pose a food security threat as they reduce the output of farms.

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Neighbouring countries like Iran, India and Yemen also face a similar locust invasion.