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Monday, July 15, 2024

Pakistan presents India terror dossier to UN chief

India is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and the region and it wants to paralyze Pakistan's economy, Pakistan alleges.

Pakistan has presented a dossier containing irrefutable evidence on the involvement of India in state terrorism to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Muir Akram, Pakistan’s permanent envoy to the UN, met the UN chief in New York and briefed him about the involvement of India in terror-related activities in Pakistan.

Munir Akram apprised the UN Secretary-General about the involvement of India in planning terrorist activities in Pakistan and demanded of him to take note of it. Later, addressing a virtual conference, the Pakistan envoy said India is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and the region and it wants to paralyze Pakistan’s economy.

The UN Security Council team is also investigating Indian terrorism in Pakistan, he added. It is a brazen violation of the UN Charter and international laws, Akram noted. He held a Pakistani dossier with regard to India’s terrorism in front of the member countries of the UN Security Council. Pakistan released the dossier domestically earlier this month.

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India sabotaging CPEC: Akram

Akram remarked India was involved in persistent violations of the ceasefire on LoC and Pakistan has every right to defend itself against Indian aggression. He observed that India was involved in sabotaging China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which has a vital role in the development of Pakistan’s economy.

Talking to a private TV channel, Munir Akram said India has nothing with which to defend itself. Evidence has been presented in our dossier which cannot be rejected, he said. He stated that Indian allegations are weak and they are not supported with any evidence. The security situation has grown fragile following the August 5 steps by India, he warned.

During his talk, the Pakistan envoy further noted that the country wanted a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue and the Indian sponsorship of proxy war against Islamabad. “Kashmir issue was debated in UN Security Council thrice during the last three years. The international community wants both sides to exercise restraint,” he underlined.


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Pakistan neutralizes terror network linked to India

Munir Akram told the members of the UN that Pakistan had always pursued a responsible policy. He noted that the powers for taking action were with the Security Council in UN. “Therefore, a consensus should be among the five permanent members of the security council on this count,” he urged member nations of the international body.

Earlier this week, Pakistan authorities claimed that a major terrorist network had been neutralized as security forces conducted IBO on a hideout near village Tangi, Bajaur District. During a close encounter, terrorist commanders Zubair and Aziz Ur Rehman alias Fida has been killed, the Pakistan Army said.

These terrorists were involved in terrorist activities in Bajaur and Karachi. They were involved in several terrorist incidents against LEAs, govt officials, and innocent civilians. The network was coordinating terrorist activities in various areas of Pakistan and receiving direct orders from their RAW sponsored leadership from across the border.

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FO says Indian denial will not change facts

The Pakistani Foreign Office had earlier this month rejected the India Ministry of External Affairs’ statement denying the authenticity of Islamabad’s evidence regarding India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan. India has resorted to sophistry denies connections with terrorists, the FO said.

“Fully exposed, India has typically resorted to sophistry, obfuscation, and re-fabrication. Bland denials and regurgitation of an old litany of charges, however, will not change facts,” a statement by FO spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudri had said.

India had called the dossier presented by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and military spokesman Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar a “propaganda exercise”. “The so-called claims of ‘proof’ against India enjoy no credibility, are fabricated and represent figments of imagination,” Hindustan Times quoted the Indian external affairs ministry spokesperson as saying.