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Friday, April 12, 2024

The irksome dossier

Pakistan presented incontrovertible evidence of India extorting money to terrorist outfits promoting terrorism and destability in Pakistan

In a joint press conference with Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar in Islamabad, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi lifted the lid on India’s state terrorism to destabilize Pakistan. There was incontrovertible evidence that Indian embassies and consulates along the Pak-Afghan border were functioning as “hubs of terror sponsorship against Pakistan.” In doing so, India contravened several jus cogens of international law, Article 2(4) of United Nations Charter, Article 41(3) of the Vienna Convention, and paras 2 and 5 of UN Security Council Resolution 1373 of 2001.

India gives hefty amounts to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan

Documentary evidence indicated that Indian banks bankrolled TTP and other anti-Pakistan organizations. The sum of $820,000 was paid to the TTP and US$28,000 and $55,851, and $23.35m to other mostly Baloch terrorist organisations. An outlay of $60 million was made for raising a militia of 700-persons, including 10 RAW supervisors, to sabotage CPEC. Fugitive Altaf Hussain group received $3.23m through Indian companies, JVGT and Paras Jewelry.

India portrays the freedom movement in Kashmir as ‘terrorism’. What about India’s terrorism in neighbouring countries?

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Pakistan shares dossier with international organisations

Pakistan has shared the dossier with the United Nations, the five permanent members of the Security Council, and members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. A similar dossier about India’s support to terrorist groups in Pakistan was shared with India in 2009 but to no avail.

Pakistan’s security advisor had earlier hinted about India’s interference in his interview with Dr.Moeed Pirzada. At that time, major (Retd.) Gaurav predicted on Republic TV that Pakistan’s NSA advisor would never be able to show corroborative evidence. Now, the same Gaurav is silent about the contents of the dossier. However, he continues to portray Moeed Yusaf as a CIA agent.

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Accounts of RAW insurgencies

One is shocked to read accounts of former diplomats and RAW officers about executing insurgencies in neighboring countries. B. Raman, in his book ‘The Kaoboys of R&AW: Down Memory Lane’ states explicit facts regarding India’s involvement in Bangladesh’s insurgency.

RAW officers Raman and RK Yadav made disclosures in a published letter; Yadav made startling a revelation that India’s prime minister, Indira Gandhi, the parliament, RAW and armed forces acted in tandem to dismember Pakistan. The confessions in his letter are verified by B. Raman’s book ‘The Kaoboys of R&AW’. He reminds ‘Indian parliament passed a resolution on March 31, 1971 to support insurgency. Indira Gandhi had then confided with Kao that in case Mujib was prevented from ruling Pakistan, she would liberate East Pakistan from the tight grasp of the military. Kao, through one RAW agent, got the passenger airliner, The Ganga, hijacked while it was travelling to Lahore from Srinagar.

As well as, Indias’ then army chief, Sam Manekshaw was ordered to attack East Pakistan:  In interviews, he confessed that Indira Gandhi, then prime minister of India, ordered him to attack erstwhile East Pakistan, then a sovereign territory of Pakistan. He initially refused in view of impending monsoon, but later complied with.

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RAW chief, AS Dulat’s confessions

RAW chief, AS Dulat’s whitewash of 1971 ‘Ganga hijacking: Unmindful of RAW officers’ confessed about the ‘Ganga’ hijacking. RAW’s former chief blamed Dr, Farooq Haider, his pilot brother in law, Ejaz (Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front) and ISI for being the masterminds behind the hijacking. He does not explain why Pakistan would be so foolish as to stimulate India to block airspace over then East Pakistan.

Here is a bouquet of Dulat’s revelations, as contained in his 2015 book ‘Kashmir: the Vajpayee Years’. “Hashim told me that the 1971 hijacking of the Indian airlines plane ‘Ganga’ was Maqbool Butt’s idea” (p. 98 ibid).

Expert from ‘Kashmir: the Vajpayee Years’

“Dr. [Farooq] Haider would have a prominent role in militancy for he was very close to the ISI…It was at Dr. Haider’s house that Hashim caught up with Maqbool Butt; and now the ISI was watching over them… One of them recalled the Karachi airport incident from 18 June 1969, when an Ethiopian Airlines plane was attacked by three armed rebels of the Eritrean Liberation Front…In the JKNLF discussion the idea to do something similar came up, a terror attack, something similar came up, a terror attack something that would internatiolise Kashmir and also their JKNLF; that’s how the idea of the hijacking first came up. Dr. Haider’s brother-in-law, Javed Minto, was an ex-pilot of the Pakistan Air Force, and he acquainted Hashim with aircraft training. He took Hashim to the Chaklala airbase in Rawalpindi, where there was a Fokker F-27 Friendship.”

The book further went on to reveal, “The ISI told about the JKNLF’s intention, was happy to grant them permission to learn the basics of aviation. Javed and the ISI showed Hashim how the wireless  worked, how the compass worked, how to take charge of an airplane, and what to do if he needed to take  control of it. Hashim passed with ‘flying colours’, so to speak” (p. 100, ibid.) Dulat’s book teems with many other groundless allegations, like Pakistan killed Majid Dar (Hizbul Mujahideen) and maimed his wife (pp. 154-155, ibid.)

Kulbhushan Jadhav’s involvement in Pakistan

Jadhav’s role alone is enough to prove India’s nefarious activities in Balochistan, promoting terrorism there. He was an Indian Navy officer, attached to RAW. To covertly carry out espionage and terrorism in Pakistan was his main mission. Pakistan also alleged there were Indian markings on arms deliveries to Baloch rebels pushed by Jadhav.

To India’s chagrin, India’s investigative journalists confirmed from Gazettes of India that he was commissioned in the Indian Navy in 1987 with the service ID of 41558Z Kulbhushan Sudhir. A later edition of the Gazette showed his promotion to the rank of commander after 13 years of service in 2000. His passport, E6934766, indicated he traveled to Iran from Pune as Hussein Mubarak Patel in December 2003. Another one of his Passports, No. L9630722 (issued from Thane in 2014), inadvertently exposed his correct address: Jasdanwala Complex, old Mumbai-Pune Road, cutting through Navi Mumbai. The municipal records confirmed that his mother Avanti Jadhav owned the flat that he lived in.

Furthermore, in his testimony before a Karachi magistrate, Karachi underworld figure Uzair Baloch confessed he had links with Jadhav. India’s prestigious Frontline surmised that Jadhav still served with the Indian Navy. Gazette of India files bore no record of Jadhav’s retirement. India told the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that Jadhav was a retired naval officer. But, it refrained from stating exactly when he retired. The spy initially worked for Naval Intelligence, but later moved on to the Intelligence Bureau. He came in contact with RAW in 2010.

RAW officers Raman and RK Yadav made disclosures in a published letter; Yadav made startling a revelation that India’s prime minister, Indira Gandhi, the parliament, RAW and armed forces acted in tandem to dismember Pakistan.

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement is apparently being backed by India.

In their over-ebullient speeches, PTM’s leaders openly scold Pakistan’s national security institutions. For instance, Manzoor Pashteen, in an interview, berates Pak army operations and extols drone strikes. He says, ‘The army did not eliminate even a single Taliban leader. All the 87 Taliban commanders killed in the last 18 years were eliminated in drone strikes’. At a PTM meeting in Britain, even Malala Yusafzai’s father (Ziauddin), like His Master’s Voice, echoed anti-Army sentiments. He said, “Pakistan army and intelligence agencies knew that Fazalullah was a terrorist who continued to operate a radio station in Swat.”

India’s RAW sponsors propaganda and terrorism globally

‘Free Balochistan’, RAW sponsored offensive posters on taxi cabs and buses in Switzerland and Britain. The USA has recently outlawed the Balochistan Liberation Army. However, earlier, in 2012, a handful of Republicans had moved a pro-separatist bill in US Congress. It demanded ‘the right to self-determination’.

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Subversive propaganda through fake channels and think tanks: India is spearheading its disinformation campaign against Pakistan through think tanks and journalists of doubtful credentials. Macdonald-Laurier Institute, a registered Canadian charity, published a Pakistan-bashing report ‘Khalistan—A project of Pakistan’ which found mention in almost all leading Indian newspapers.

International think tanks openly working against Pakistan

Another pro-India “thinktank” is the “International Terrorism Observatory” chaired by Roland Jacquard. Prestigious French newspaper Le Monde (The World) pointed out in 2015; he is the only member “without publications, without a website, without postal address and without any legal existence”. He runs a bookstore stacked with books on ‘networks of Islamist terrorism’. According to journalists Didier Bigo, Laurent Bonelli and Thomas Deltombe, Roland Jacquard’s claim of being a media expert is questionable.

In July 2010, Roland Jacquard appeared on the France 5 channel. In the show, he displayed a 300-page Arabic manual, supposedly intended for Al Qaeda cadres to protect themselves from the secret services on the Internet. The authenticity of the document was questioned by leading journalists, the cover of the document being that of a simple manual downloadable for free on the Internet. Jacquard incessantly writes China and Pakistan-bashing articles in Global Watch Analysis.

Another think tank sponsored by India-was International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies run by Srivastava Group of India, known for promoting propaganda and terrorism. In a startling disclosure, EU-based non-governmental organisation EU DisinfoLab exposed the identity of the “thinktank’ as also India-sponsored fake, dis-informational network of 265 fake media outlets in 65 countries, including US, Canada, Brussels, and Geneva. The Lab found that the “Institute” paid for the travel and accommodation of an unofficial far-right delegation of 23 European Union parliamentarians to Srinagar on October 30, 2013. The trip was arranged by Indian intelligence surrogate, Madi Sharma, who posed as a self-styled “international business broker”.

The conduct of India’s diplomats amounts to state-sponsored terrorism. For one thing, India should close the ‘Free Balochistan’ office on her soil, and stop resuscitating propaganda skeletons of pre-Bangladesh days. India portrays the freedom movement in Kashmir as ‘terrorism’. What about India’s terrorism in neighbouring countries? Will the world take notice of confessions by India’s former intelligence officers and diplomats?

Mr. Amjed Jaaved has been writing free-lance for over five decades. He has served federal and provincial governments of Pakistan for 39 years. His contributions stand published in the leading dailies and magazines at home and abroad (Nepal. Bangladesh, et. al.). He is author of eight e-books including The Myth of Accession. He knows many languages including French and Arabic. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.