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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Pakistan releases detail of arrested Indian Pilot

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Pakistan Air Force on Wednesday struck down two Indian fighter jets intruding Pakistani airspace in a valiant and befitting response to Indian aggression. The two Indian pilots remain under arrest by Pakistan.


Meanwhile, a video has been released by the Pakistani Army that shows the identity and the surrounding information regarding the Indian pilots. “My name is Wing Commander Abhi Nandan and my service number is 27981,” the arrested Indian pilot adds.



“I am a flying pilot and my religion is Hindu,” the detained pilot continues. Upon probing for further information, the pilot refuses to speak saying, “I am sorry sir, that’s all I am supposed to tell you.”


Wing Commander Abhinandan then goes on to say, “May I request for a little information, sir? Am I with the Pakistani army?”  The Pak Army has also released pictures of the pilot’s confiscated documents and weapons.

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Indian media has been reporting that no Indian pilot is arrested in Pakistan. However, during a press conference, Major General Asif Ghafoor–Director General ISPR­–had confirmed that Pakistan did, in fact, arrest two pilots as Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian jets.

Not just Pakistan, Indian journalist also has confirmed the news.

Unlike India who still has not released a single picture or produced any evidence of eliminating 350 alleged terrorists in Balakot yesterday, Pakistan in no time released details of the pilot.

The credentials of Wing commander can be checked on the website, Bharat Rakshak website; database website has reportedly been down ever since the news of Wing commander’s arrest broke.