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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Pakistan Sikh navy officer grabs attention in Pakistan Day parade

The inclusion of the Pawan Singh in the Pakistan Day Parade and that too leading from the front shows the real image of Pakistan as a peaceful and tolerant nation.

Lieutenant Pawan Singh, a Pakistani Sikh Navy officer represented his community at the Pakistan Day Parade on Thursday in Islamabad. The pictures of a Sikh lieutenant marching in the parade immediately went viral on social media.

Social media users lauded the representation of the religious minority in the parade. They added that the inclusion of Pawan Singh in the Pakistan Day Parade and that too leading from the front shows the real image of Pakistan as a peaceful and tolerant nation.

Twitter users appreciated Pawan Singh and expressed gratitude to him for serving the country. Meanwhile, another Sikh citizen, Mahendra Pal Singh, was also present in the Pakistan Day Parade. Mahendra Pal Singh is the first-Sikh Pakistani bowler to represent the Sikh community in Pakistan Super League. He aims to play for Pakistan Cricket Team one day.

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Mahendra Pal Singh was among the seven personalities who were honoured as the Pride of Pakistan today in the Pakistan Day parade. Singh belongs to Larkana and is the representative of the 20,000 Sikh community in Pakistan.

Other personalities honoured at the Pakistan Day parade were the lost mountaineer, Ali Sadpara. His son, Sajid Sadpara was invited to the parade ground on his behalf.

Natalya Najam, a seven-year-old student from Lahore was also invited to the Pakistan Day Parade. Natalya had broken the record of the Indian professor of arranging the chemicals in the periodic table in the shortest time.

Master Ayub, known for educating impoverished children free of cost in Islamabad. He is a firefighter by profession.

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A young sketch artist, Ali Gohar, from Balochistan was among the Pride of Pakistan honoured today at the Pakistan Day Parade. Gohar lost both hands due to an electric shock at a young age, however, he chose to fight and became the finest sketch artist.

Rafia Baig, the first woman to join the bomb disposal squad in Pakistan, was also honoured today. Before joining the bomb disposal squad she served police as a constable for seven years.

Parveen Saeed who runs Khana Ghar also received acknowledgement from the government of Pakistan today for running a noble cause of serving food to the impoverished people.


Saeed’s Khana Ghar provides meals to poor families at unbelievably low prices. “Around 300 people eat at Khana Ghar in Khuda Ki Basti daily, and the cost of the operation comes to about Rs4,000 a day,” according to Khana Ghar’s official website.