Pakistan to get a Plug-in-Hybrid by MG!!

Javed Afridi gives teasers on Twitter. MG Pakistan is reportedly planning to launch a Plug-in-hybrid variant of HS named MG HS PHEV.

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Yesterday evening, Mr. Javed Afridi tweeted a teaser video showing MG HS PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid). He said it is coming soon and asked people to guess the price of the vehicle. This was followed by a tweet today morning showing the picture of the PHEV with some specs.

This comes after the huge success of MG HS’s success in the local market. Crossover MG HS has been a huge success in Pakistan. As per the news, MG has recently gotten LCs from three different banks for 5,200 new MG cars CBUs. As already reported by Global Village, the court has recently ordered the MG vehicles stuck at Karachi port, due to value differentiation, to be released to the customers as well, to reach the customers all over the country.

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How is HS PHEV different from HS?

The Plug-in-hybrid variant of HS is called MG HS PHEV. It means the car would have a 1500cc Turbocharged engine as well as a charging port like electric vehicles. So, you can drive the car on both fuel and electric power. This is better for countries like Pakistan where the charging infrastructure is still under development and people want a fuel-efficient replacement for the former fuel-based car for environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. According to the company’s Facebook post, car’s, “cutting-edge technology and top-rated safety systems offer a superior driving experience under the concept of British dynamic, combining performance, handling, design, and safety.”

The picture posted by Javed Afridi today on Twitter shows 3 features of the car:

  • SUV will have a 370 Nm Torque.
  • SUV will do 0-100 km/h in 7.1 seconds.
  • The company claims 55 KM/L mileage

He asked people to guess the price of the vehicle today as he did before MG3.

Since its launch Company has launched 2 cars and 3 more are now awaited to be announced. The two launched cars are MG HS and MG ZS, while the three awaited cars are much talked about MG ZS EV (electric vehicle), MG3 has been teased by CEO MG Pakistan over the last month, and since yesterday teasers for MG HS PHEV are being posted by the CEO of the MG motors Pakistan.

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All-in-all it is safe to say that Morris Garage (MG) Motors is all set to change the automobile landscape of Pakistan.


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