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Friday, January 27, 2023

Pakistan to nominate a polio worker to attend World Health Assembly in Switzerland

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Babar Atta, the focal person to Prime Minister Imran Khan on polio eradication, in a first has announced to nominate one polio worker from Pakistan to attend the World Health Assembly held annually in Switzerland.

Babar Atta made the announcement in a tweet published on his official account.

The nominated polio worker is expected to inform more accurately about the on-ground efforts made by Pakistan to eradicate poliovirus from the country.

He tweeted, “For the 1st time in World Polio history, Pakistan will be nominating a Polio Worker to present Polio Updates at the World Health Assembly. The luxurious trip to Switzerland is a yearly event attended by all my predecessors. No more until poliovirus interruption #SalamPolioWorker.”

Earlier, it was the special assistant on poliovirus campaign who used to attend the World Health Assembly. The government of Tehreek-e-Insaf determined to change the precedence will now promote the polio worker to report the world about Pakistan’s activities in eradicating poliovirus.

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The decision has been taken in a bid to appreciate the polio workers countrywide who brave serious challenges to the extreme of sacrificing their lives in the line of duty. People have been appreciating the decision taken by the poliovirus eradication unit of the Health Ministry of Pakistan.

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan met and praised the polio workers who courageously performed their duties in harsh weather conditions in northern areas of Pakistan. The polio workers braved the freezing temperatures and walked passed the four feet of snow to vaccinate the children of remote communities.

Polio worker’s effort goes viral

In January, Irfan, a polio worker from Swat caught the world’s attention including the humanitarian organization United Nation when his video went viral on social media. In the video, Irfan could be seen trod the four feet of snow in Swat to perform his duty.

The premier hence hosted Irfan and other polio workers at Prime Minister House and sought their suggestions about how to keep the crippling disease at bay in Pakistan.