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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

‘Brothers in arms’: Pakistan, Turkey jointly inaugurate new homes for war victims in Idlib, Syria

According to the reports, 108 affected families have shifted to the houses, constructed by the welfare organizations of Turkey and Pakistan

Hundreds of war victims in Idlib, Syria have moved to new houses constructed by Turkey and Pakistan. Two NGOs – Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation and Pakistan’s Baitussalam Welfare Foundation – have jointly constructed the homes in Syria’s Idlib to accommodate the people affected by the war in Syria.

Pakistan-Turkey collaboration: War victims get new homes

According to the reports- 108 affected families have shifted to houses constructed by the welfare organizations of Turkey and Pakistan. The reports claim that nearly 780,000 Syrians have been displaced due to recent years because of war and destruction in the country. Nearly, 204,000 people have returned home following a bout of calm after a peace deal between Turkey and Russia.

While the Turkish foundation Diyanet spearheaded the project and Pakistani welfare organization Baitussalam Welfare Foundation also funded the project. Both the welfare organizations say they are working to rehabilitate the devastated families.

The welfare organizations completed the project in 300 days. The residential project is located in the Deir Hassan area of Sarmada town in the South of Idlib. The project has 12 blocks and 108 flats. Currently, the women who have lost their husbands and children in the civil war are given permanent accommodation in the facility. Nearly 85 flats were spared for these women, while disadvantaged families with disabled members from refugee camps are shifted in the remaining 23 flats. The residential complex has been built in the style of a village neighborhood.

The homes are 30-meter square. They have three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. TRT World reported that the project is a significant improvement in terms of the living conditions for the people in Idlib. The war victims expressed joy on the resident project inaugurated by welfare organizations of Turkey and Pakistan.

Members of the Pakistani welfare organization Baitussalam reached Idlib, Syria to inaugurate the residential complex.

Director Baitussalam Faraz Hassan said that the Baitussalam village is one of the four projects they have inaugurated in a week. He said the residential complex has named the Village of Peace for the 102 families. Hassan added that the village would accommodate people so they don’t have to return to their broken homes or any other part of Syria to find living and shelter. He said the welfare foundations, Diyanet Foundation and Baitussalam, would take care of their all needs like food, clothing, and shelter.

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He said the foundation further plans to make the women learn and earn their livelihood. He went on to add that they will teach children so that they don’t get dependent on the support of other nations or people. Hence, he said the welfare organizations want these people to be independent and lead lives with dignity.

Armeena Khan spearheads charity work in Syria

Back in 2018, Pakistani actress Armeena Khan had traveled to Jordan to help the Syrian refugees. For quite some time the actress has been working with the Human Relief Foundation to help the refugees. She has been collecting donations and funds from Pakistan for the said organization.

These days, the actress is updating her fans and followers on her experience of meeting the refugee families and donating their funds amongst the impoverished families. The social media of the actress is filled with numerous posts elaborating on the experiences of her journey and the love and support she is garnering from her beloved family and friends.

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She has also thanked the people for donating generously and supporting her mission. She also shared the encouragement she received from her mother to embark on this journey.

“I started this Syrian journey with my mom’s prayers. I am living her dreams right now and her wish that I am fulfilling. It is such a sweet thing and I wanted to share her messages. My heart swells when I read these,” she wrote.

“This is why I think mothers are so sacred and a lot of these Syrian kids have lost theirs. This is where you come in, you guys are amazing human beings, you’ve helped me put a smile on these children’s faces even if it is for a bit.”