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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup in 2006: Nida Yasir

Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup in 2006, says morning show host Nida Yasir in a hilarious video making rounds on social media.

Nida Yasir and Shaista Lodhi were guests on the talk show of former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar currently airing on Urduflix. Akhtar asked Nida Yasir in which year Pakistan won the 1992 world cup. Interestingly, the cricketer had given the answer as well in the question he asked but the morning show failed to decipher the question.

Responding to the question, Nida Yasir said, Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup in 2006. Then she said that she will ask Shaista Lodhi. Shoaib Akhtar stopped Lodhi from Yasir with the right answer. Lodhi then whispered the answer in her ear. The cricketer-turned-host then changed the question and asked when Pakistan win the T20 World Cup of 2009. To which she said, 1992.  Shaista Lodhi then asked Nida Yasir to listen to the question properly.

Video is making rounds on social media. Users are posting hilarious comments on the video. Some are even questioning the intellectual abilities of Nida Yasir.

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This is not the first time Nida Yasir is grabbing social media attention for her bizarre faux pass.  She was earlier trolled for asking a bizarre question related to Formula One cars from Pakistani students on her show.

The viral video showed the host had invited the students of NUST who had created a Formula One-styled Car and were heading to participate in an event in the USA representing Pakistan. As the show goes on, she asked bizarre questions from the students that reflected her complete lack of knowledge about Formula One racing cars.

At the beginning of the video, Nida Yasir asked if they have initially made the ‘formula’ and will test it later. She asked questions about how many people can travel in the car. The student replied one. She then asked if they will make Formula One car for two people. She asked if the Formula One car run at the same speed as the normal cars that run on petrol. Then she asked if they had installed horns in the car.